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A guide to flea markets in Valencia

Take a morning stroll around the city and its outskirts, and you’ll be sure to find a bunch of Valencianos looking for hidden gems on the streets. There are so many different kinds of street markets in Valencia, so today we’re gonna focus on rastros aka flea markets. If you wanna know when and where they take place, this guide is for you!
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Dempanadas: homemade, Argentinian empanadas in Valencia

Did you know there’s a whole empanada world out there? No? Well, in that case, you might have a serious case of empanada deprivation. We’ve found one of the best solutions, though. Trust me, you need to discover these divine, homemade, Argentinian pieces of art.
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Federal Café: dream the day away

One of my friends asked me to catch up at Federal Café, she heard great stories about it and wanted to find out herself. An Australian cafe in Valencia? Of course, I was totally up for that.
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Mayan Coffees: from Guatemala with love

Organic, cheap, and really great specialty coffee. Does that sound like music to your ears? Drop everything and get those eyes working, in other words: start reading this article!
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LambrusquerĂ­a : cozy, romantic italian restaurants, mamma mia!

There are many Italian restaurants in Valencia, but these ones are quite unique. We’ve been munching on their tasty dishes many times and even celebrated our birthdays here with a big group of friends, wanna find out why? Read more.
Practical tips

Make life easy again: Google Maps lists for you!

One of my mottos in life is: make life easy again. And what’s easier than checking some lists on Google Maps with our favorite places, when you have no idea what to do and where to go? I know, right?! You’re very welcome.

TheBasement: the dealer every house music lover needs

The name of this organization would make you think that it has something to do with an underground party scene, but this is definitely not the case. TheBasement parties have become very popular over the years just like Harry Potter when he came out of the cupboard under the stairs.

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