Good news! Valencia has a great bike-sharing system. There are plenty of public city bikes that you can use at any time of day. But the big question is… is Valencia bike-friendly?

es, totally. In fact, it’s a great city to discover by bike because it’s flat and has plenty of bike lanes. My Dutchie heart approves.

What is Valenbisi?

Valenbisi is Valencia’s bike-sharing system. It’s available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. There are 276 Valenbisi stations throughout the city. Making it a really convenient and cheap option if you don’t have a bike and aren’t interested in renting or leasing one. 

Other perks: you don’t have to take your bike with you, use three locks, find a spot to park it and be afraid that it gets stolen. The bikes even have a basket. It’s simple, you just need to find a subscription that suits you.

Subscriptions & prices

There are two different types of subscriptions that I’d recommend. A long-term subscription (annual card) and a weekly subscription (short-term ticket).

The annual card costs €29,21.
You can buy it online through the app or website, once you’ve registered, you can immediately use the app (which is called: Valenbisi Official). If you have to travel by bus or metro as well, then I’d advise you to get a Móbilis (link naar transportation artikel) card at one of the Tabacos (tobacco shops). This card can be used for Valenbisi, metro and bus, so that’s a bonus. Why have separate cards if you can just have one? Once you have your Móbilis card, you have to register on Valenbisi’s website - the card will then be linked to your personal account. Keep in mind that you need a credit card, either Visa or Mastercard.

The short-term (weekly) subscription costs €13,30. You can buy this online through the app or website as well, or at one of the Valenbisi stations. You just need to follow the instructions and keep your credit card at hand.

Time to bike around town!

30-minute bike rides

The first 30 minutes are “free”, after that you’ll be charged an additional fee. How much that is, depends on your subscription. 30-60 minutes extra costs in between €0,50 and €1,-. Every other extra 60 minutes costs between €2,- and €3,-. For more information about that, click here.

A tip: if you want to ride your bike longer than 30 minutes, simply park it at a Valenbisi station and take it out again. In that way, you won’t be charged any extra fees. 

How to grab a bike from its' station?

To rent a Valenbisi, you need to know where the stations are. Simply open your app, it’ll show you the nearest stations and the number of available bikes. Once you’re at the station, find a bike you want to release, swipe on ‘release a Valenbisi’ and you’ll hear it unlock. You then have 60 seconds to take it out of the stand. Adjust the seat to the right height and you’re good to go!

To complete your journey, bring the bike back to one of the nearest stations. A signal (usually two beeps) coming from the bike stand where you’ve parked will confirm that the bike is locked correctly. Always double-check this, because if it’s not locked, the system will keep running. Your bank account is not going to like that. If you’re unable to lock your Valenbisi correctly, try another available stand. 

Need a helping hand? Call their customer service.

Some extra advice:

  • Sometimes it’s difficult to find an available bike or spot, especially in crowded and popular areas such as Ruzafa, El Carmen, and places at the beach like Malvarossa. So, don’t use a Valenbisi if you’re in a hurry or have an important meeting in one of those areas. Been there, done that. 
  • Keep in mind that these bikes are only suitable for short bike rides, as they’re pretty heavy. 
  • If you arrive at a bike station and you see bikes with their saddle looking the “wrong” way (i.e. it’s turned around) you can assume there’s something wrong with the bike and choose another one. 

Contact details
: @valenbisioficial

Enjoy your Valenbisi experience!

Big hug,


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