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Categorized Google Maps lists: where to go and what to do in Valencia

One of my life mottos is: make life easy again. Now, tell me, what’s easier than checking out some categorized Google Maps lists when you have no idea where to go and what to do in Valencia? Yeah, buddy, we did the dirty work for you - de nada. Keep reading if you wanna save tons of time and simply enjoy the city.
Practical tips

Upendi ClĂ­nica Veterinaria : Wonderful, English-speaking vet in Valencia

Being a pet owner is great fun, but sometimes our little friends need help. Can you and your pet use some comforting words? I feel you, even though I’m just a dog step(h) mom, I know how important it is to communicate clearly with your veterinarian. Now, if your Spanish isn’t that great, it’s best to look for an English-speaking vet. And have I got some good news for you: the people from Upendi Clínica Veterinaria speak English and offer wonderful service. Keep reading if you need to leave your little friends in good hands…