It’s no secret that May and I both adore Italian food. Our mouths absolutely start to water when we hear the words: fresh, homemade, Italian pasta. However, we don’t always have time to spend hours in a good restaurant, so we were pleased to find Hasta La Pasta – a cute little takeaway close to Plaza de la Virgen. Yes, surprisingly enough, it’s possible to grab a quick, delicious, wholesome meal in Valencia!

asta La Pasta came into my life at the right time. For years I had been longing to find a good, simple pasta takeaway in Valencia, one that offers a quick but fresh meal. And tada, there it was, on a very lazy Sunday, May and I stumbled upon Hasta La Pasta. 

We were a bit hungover from all the Fallas festivities (the biggest European street festival) so it was great timing. I mean, not that we need an excuse to eat pasta, but it is a good cure! 
We thought that it was just a takeaway, but then the little terrace caught our eye. It’s perfect when you don’t really wanna go to a restaurant, but still want to eat out. 

Traditional, Italian recipes & fresh, natural ingredients
May and I started talking to the owners and as it turned out, the lady was Dutch.
You might not know it, but we’re Dutch too.
Together with her Italian husband, she came up with this concept.
With a big smile and a lot of passion, she continued talking about how they use traditional, Italian recipes and fresh, natural ingredients. 
Of course, we were totally convinced to try it out, so we ordered some pasta at the counter and waited on the terrace.
We were right on time because shortly after we sat down, there was a huge line! 
It’s impressive how successful Hasta La Pasta has become in such a short time.  

May enjoying a nice Italian tapa aka mozzarella sticks.

How it works 
There’s not a lot to explain here, because the concept is quite simple.
If you’re in a rush, but still wanna enjoy a portion of fresh, Italian pasta, you can just take a peek at the menu, order at the counter, wait for your delicious meal, and head home. But if you wanna stay for a bit, you can just take your meal and sit on their terrace.

What’s on the menu?
Fresh, homemade Italian pasta. Okay, just kidding, you already knew that.
Actually, there’s something I haven’t told you yet. One of the most fun things about Hasta La Pasta is that you’ll get to create your own pasta.
You have to choose your favorite kind of pasta, sauce, and toppings. One of the employees will help you decide and explain everything. 
Have a look at the picture below to see which kinds of pasta they offer. 
Oh and don’t forget to try their mozzarella sticks, they’re amazing!

What’s your favorite pasta?

Free advice

  • Have a chat with the owners, they’re super friendly and can tell you everything you wanna know about their pasta.
  • This is a great alternative to eating at a restaurant when you’re on a budget. The prices are very wallet-friendly. Just take your meal and sit on the terrace for a bit. 
  • If you’re a fan of Aperol Spritz, then we’d advise you to try out their Limoncello Spritz, but don’t drink it like lemonade… you’ve been warned ;-)
  • Try to go before or after Spanish mealtimes, there might be long waiting lines if you don’t. 

Location & opening hours
Address: C/ del Pes de la Farina 1
Click here to view the opening hours.

Contact details
Hasta la Pasta

You know what they say… “Hasta la pasta, baby ;-)”

Un abrazo,


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