Valencia is home to lots of talented, highly-creative people. Thanks to that, it has a thriving art scene. It’s safe to say that there’s always something to do! In fact, in 2022, Valencia was designated the World Design Capital. How cool is that? The city stood out for its creativity in the areas of design, architecture, interior design, and illustration. Even if you don’t know a single thing about art, there are lots of museums you just can’t miss out on. Allow yourself to get lost for a little while, challenge your mind, be amazed and check out this list of 5 must-visit museums in Valencia.

hether it’s a rainy day or one of the hottest moments of the year, going to a museum in Valencia is always a good plan. Not only is there something for every taste, but there’s also something for every budget – most museums are free to visit, olé!
Are you ready to dive into the world of art? Let's go!

1. Museo Bellas Artes
This museum is the second largest art gallery in Spain. It showcases a collection of the country’s greatest artists from the 15th to the 19th century.
As a result, Museo Bellas Artes became the leader of art and culture in the Valencian province. If you’re into fine arts, then this is a must-visit.

Click here to view the opening hours.

Facebook: GVA Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia

2. Museo de Las Ciencias
Learn all about the evolution of life, science, and technology in this 21st-century science museum. Museo de Las Ciencias offers 26.000 square meters full of exhibitions on the latest scientific and technical matters. The best part? Full interactivity is their unique selling point. In fact, their slogan is: “Forbidden not to touch, not to feel, not to think”. So, for those of you who don’t wanna stand still but still visit a museum… you know what to do.

Click here to view the opening hours.

Facebook: Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències - Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

How amazing is this huge piece?! Displayed at Centre Carme Cultura Contemporania.

3. Museo Fallero
Fallas is a traditional, huge celebration in Valencia. It’s one of the biggest street festivals in Europe and it’s all about the incredible statues.
If joining the fiesta isn’t enough or if you just wanna know a little more about this unique tradition, I highly recommend visiting Museu Fallero. You’ll find all the winning statues from the past years and learn how they’re built. So interesting!

Click here to view the opening hours.

Facebook: Museu Faller de València

4. Museo de la Seda
Silk, silk, silk! I love it, it’s definitely something special. Valencia agrees because it has a special silk museum. Museo de la Seda is located in the former Higher Art college of Silk, which dates back to the 15th century. Find out how this special fabric came to Valencia and how important this trade was for more than three centuries.

Click here to view the opening hours.

Facebook: Museo de la Seda Valencia

5. Centre Carme Cultura Contemporania
Several museums in one, that’s basically what this former 13th-century convent is.
Centre Carme Cultura Contemporania offers different kinds of exhibitions and covers all artistic disciplines: visual arts, performing arts, music, design, books, and a wide range of artistic languages and practices. They host lots of events and throw some of the best parties. So, is this a must-visit museum? You bet it is!

Click here to view the opening hours.

Facebook: Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània

Of course, there are many more museums to visit in Valencia, so we’ve created a Google Maps list with a couple more, interesting galleries.

Oh and pssst, ever heard of the phrase “the earth without art is just…. eh”? We totally agree on that. Valencia is a piece of art itself, but we’re happy that there’s such a rich culture of creativity.

Un abrazo,


Jul 23, 2022
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