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Blackbird Café: from-scratch bakery with specialty coffees.

Today in our series of frequently visited places, we introduce to you: Blackbird. As you know we’re enthusiastic about many places in this city and Blackbird was one of our first loves in Valencia. We actually became friends with the owners, that’s how often we went there. As always, we’ll give you our honest opinion.
Food & Drinks

Federal Café: dream the day away

One of my friends asked me to catch up at Federal Café, she heard great stories about it and wanted to find out herself. An Australian cafe in Valencia? Of course, I was totally up for that.
Food & Drinks

ArtySana: the perfect cafe for artsy health enthusiasts

This has been one of my favorite places in Ruzafa since I moved here. It’s the perfect place to eat and drink something healthy, have some downtime on their patio, listen to live music, and follow a workshop whilst enjoying the laid-back atmosphere.
Practical tips

How to find a job in Valencia

How do you find a job in a foreign country when you don’t speak the language that well? Well, it’s definitely possible to find a job in Valencia as long as you’re open to trying different things. You’ll have more chances if you speak Spanish, but if you don’t, there are enough options too!
Practical tips

Make life easy again: Google Maps lists for you!

One of my mottos in life is: make life easy again. And what’s easier than checking some lists on Google Maps with our favorite places, when you have no idea what to do and where to go? I know, right?! You’re very welcome.
Food & Drinks

Fornelino: pastries and coffee you’d want to kiss

If there would be a Napolitana appreciation society, I’d join immediately. Wait a minute, I think I just created a new concept...

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