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Bioparc Valencia: a unique zoo park

If someone would tell you they saw a monkey in the old riverbed of Valencia, would you believe them? Well, fun fact: it’s possible! Told you, Valencia is a box full of surprises. Wanna open it with me?

A guide to flea markets in Valencia

Take a morning stroll around the city and its outskirts, and you’ll be sure to find a bunch of Valencianos looking for hidden gems on the streets. There are so many different kinds of street markets in Valencia, so today we’re gonna focus on rastros aka flea markets. If you wanna know when and where they take place, this guide is for you!

JardĂ­ BotĂ nic, Botanical Garden in Valencia: more than just a garden.

We totally dig botanical gardens (not in the literal sense of the word) and oh, lucky us … Valencia has a gorgeous one. When you visit this garden, you might see two girls hugging a tree, I wonder why ...

Parque Central: from an old railway station to a gorgeous urban park

The Valencianos had to wait for 30 years to enjoy this unique urban park. But after years of hard work, it was finally there: Parque Central. It was absolutely worth the wait!
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Chiringuito tres14beach : our secret summer fling

I grew up by the beach, and I honestly can’t live without it. I also can’t live without chiringuitos. We recently discovered a new one and are happy to tell you about it (hint: you might hear a bark here and there while sipping on your drink).
Practical tips

Make life easy again: Google Maps lists for you!

One of my mottos in life is: make life easy again. And what’s easier than checking some lists on Google Maps with our favorite places, when you have no idea what to do and where to go? I know, right?! You’re very welcome.
Practical tips

Valenbisi: ride a bike like Freddy

Do you want to ride a bike just as badly as Freddy Mercury in 1978? Good news! There are plenty of city bikes that you can use any time.
Practical tips

A survival guide for Valencian Summers

If you’re going to spend your Summers in Valencia, you need a survival guide. Even if you’re used to the heat, trust me.

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