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Practical tips

Upendi ClĂ­nica Veterinaria : Wonderful, English-speaking vet in Valencia

My roommate recently adopted one of the sweetest dogs from the shelter, she’s a little abuela (grandma). I consider myself her step(h)mom. We were looking for an English-speaking vet and we found a great one!
Food & Drinks

Blackbird Café: from-scratch bakery with specialty coffees.

Today in our series of frequently visited places, we introduce to you: Blackbird. As you know we’re enthusiastic about many places in this city and Blackbird was one of our first loves in Valencia. We actually became friends with the owners, that’s how often we went there. As always, we’ll give you our honest opinion.
Practical tips

Centro Semilla: a safe haven for holistic self-care

We all need to take a little time each day to take care of ourselves and sometimes find our zen-ter. What that looks like is different for everyone, but if you’re interested in holistic health, this safe haven is worth visiting.
Food & Drinks

LambrusquerĂ­a : cozy, romantic italian restaurants, mamma mia!

There are many Italian restaurants in Valencia, but these ones are quite unique. We’ve been munching on their tasty dishes many times and even celebrated our birthdays here with a big group of friends, wanna find out why? Read more.

Parque Central: from an old railway station to a gorgeous urban park

The Valencianos had to wait for 30 years to enjoy this unique urban park. But after years of hard work, it was finally there: Parque Central. It was absolutely worth the wait!
Food & Drinks

La Fábrica de Hielo: A unique, artistic chill-out spot

If you say Fábrica de Hielo, I say one of the most awesome chill-out spots next to the beach of El Cabanyal. Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call … and I’ll be there ;-)
Food & Drinks

Mercabanyal: like a never-ending food truck festival

If you like food truck festivals and gastronomic markets, you’ve just found the treasure of the year. And the good news is: it’s like a never-ending food truck festival. 
Food & Drinks

ArtySana: the perfect cafe for artsy health enthusiasts

This has been one of my favorite places in Ruzafa since I moved here. It’s the perfect place to eat and drink something healthy, have some downtime on their patio, listen to live music, and follow a workshop whilst enjoying the laid-back atmosphere.

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