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Toni & Guy Academy Valencia: good-quality, cheap (or even free!) haircuts

You desperately need a new, good-quality haircut but you’re on a tight budget. Help, SOS, what do you do? Well, the Toni & Guy Academy is your man (see what I did there?) You might not even have to show your wallet at all. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? ;-)
Food & Drinks

Vegan restaurants & bars in Valencia

We all know it’s easy to find the best jamón and cheeses in Valencia, but what if you’re vegan? Are there enough vegan options in this city? The answer is yes! You just have to know where to go. So guess what, I’m gonna help you out ;-)

A guide to flea markets in Valencia

Take a morning stroll around the city and its outskirts, and you’ll be sure to find a bunch of Valencianos looking for hidden gems on the streets. There are so many different kinds of street markets in Valencia, so today we’re gonna focus on rastros aka flea markets. If you wanna know when and where they take place, this guide is for you!

Spanish mealtimes: when to eat in Spain

“España no es Europa” is what lots of Spaniards often say, literally translated it means: “Spain isn’t Europe.” Newsflash: it obviously is, but the reason why they say this is because Spaniards have such a different lifestyle compared to people from other European countries. Today I’m gonna talk about Spanish mealtimes as there are many. Hey, I’m not complaining ;-)

Where we buy our cosmetic products: all-in-one!

I have a thing for cosmetic products, I love obsessing over them and watching Youtube videos from dermatologists for hours on end. And of course, in order to feed that weird hobby, I need to know where I can buy my favorite products.
Practical tips

What to do on rainy days: play in the puddles or follow our tips

With 300 days of sun a year, there’s a small chance you’ll experience a lot of rainy days in Valencia. But when it rains, it pours! So what do you do on those days? We’re here to give you some inspiration.
Practical tips

How to make new friends: we'll be there for you

Moving to a new country or city is awesome, but it can be challenging and lonely. No one told you life was gonna be this way...right? (I desperately hope you’re clapping your hands four times now.) Having friends is so important, so today I will share some tips on how and where to meet new people.
Practical tips

A survival guide for Valencian Summers

If you’re going to spend your Summers in Valencia, you need a survival guide. Even if you’re used to the heat, trust me.

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