Did you know there’s a whole empanada world in Valencia? No? Well, in that case, you might have a serious case of empanada deprivation. We’ve found one of the best solutions, though. Trust me, you need to discover Dempanadas’ homemade, Argentinian pieces of art.

’d never heard of an empanaderia before, “An empanada bakery cafe/restaurant? That must be something special”, was what I thought. I was right, it absolutely is. The people from Dempanadas master the art of empanada crafting. This place is run by a family of Argentinian and Chilean people with a huge passion for what they do. As cliche as it sounds: you can taste it. Besides that, everything is homemade, ding ding ding: bonus points!

What are empanadas?
Before I share more about this place, let’s talk about what an empanada actually is. My knowledge of this little piece of happiness definitely needed an upgrade, so while I was doing some research, I discovered a whole new world. There’s not just one type of empanada, oh no, there are a bunch of them, coming from different cultures. It’s a multi-cultural thing, you could say.

The name empanada comes from the Spanish verb: empanar, which means: to wrap or cover in bread. It’s a pastry turnover filled with a variety of savory ingredients that are baked or fried. Think of ingredients such as meat, cheese, tomato, and corn. But, the possibilities are endless. Does that sound like it will give you some type of fulfillment?
Yes, that was a bad pun ;-)

Doesn’t that look tasty? Nommmm…

More than 20 different types of Argentinian empanadas 
Now that you know a little more about these multi-cultural gems, you probably want to hear about the Argentinian ones, don’t you?
Well, the good news is (there’s only good news, don’t worry): At Dempanadas they have more than 20 different types of Argentinian empanadas. Can someone buy me all of them? Muchas gracias.

They have a lot of different options, including vegan and vegetarian ones. We’ve tried the goat cheese/pumpkin and spinach/four cheeses ones and oh my goodness, was that a pleasant experience. All empanadas are made with fresh ingredients, baked in the oven, and accompanied by a unique sauce: salsa Carloncho. The sauce was made by the father of the family, inspired by the Argentinian chimichurri, and has gotten its own personal twist.

Budget-friendly menus
This place is super budget-friendly. You definitely have to check out their menus, not just because of the prices, but also because of their high-quality pictures. It looks like they did a newborn shoot for their empanadas. Fair enough, they’re basically their little babies. 

You can already have a menu for €7,- which includes 2 empanadas (they are as big as your hand, so that’s enough for most people) and a drink.
If you have a sweet tooth and can never go a day without a dessert, go for the menu which includes 2 empanadas, 1 drink, and a coffee or dessert. This will only cost you €9,50.

They also offer menus for groups, so do check all the options on their website. 

Free advice

  • If you sign up for the newsletter on the website, you’ll receive discounts and exclusive offers
  • Try out their cakes too, they’re amazing. Ferrero Roche, Red Velvet, Banoffee, Carrot Cake, you name it. 
  • They offer delivery services too. You can order through their website or find them on Glovo and Justeat.
  • They don’t just make empanadas and cakes, they have smoothies, fresh juices, salads, pizzas, and açai bowls too.
  • Want something for takeaway? Just say: “para llevar

Location & opening hours
They are located in 3 different places. 

El Carmen - Address: Carrer de Calatrava  2
Click here to check the opening hours.

Alameda - Address: Carrer d'Armando Palacio Valdés 15
Click here to check the opening hours.

Extramurs - Address: C/ de Conca 31
Click here to check the opening hours.

Contact details

I understand why they chose the name: Dempanadas. Because dang … panadas, you’re fine.

Un abrazo,


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