Organic, cheap, and t(o)asty specialty coffee – does that sound like music to your ears? Great, because the people from Mayan Coffees know a thing or two about a good cup of joe. Drop everything and read ahead, we’re going on a Guatemalan journey.

ure, you can grab a coffee anywhere, but if you’re looking for t(o)asty coffee in Valencia, you need to explore different places to find it. It’s almost like going on a treasure hunt (but hey, those are fun). Maybe we’re spoiled, coming from the Netherlands, but two girls investigating great coffee spots never did anyone any harm, right? 

One day I was catching up with a friend in El Carmen, we wanted to find a place where we could cool down, as it was bloody hot (hello August). My friend was craving some really good coffee, so she suggested this place. It was the perfect combination of hot and cold, see what I did there? ;-) 

The journey of Mayan Coffees
I immediately felt very welcome and as I was ordering my first cup of coffee, the huge painting on the wall caught my eye. It describes the entire journey of the coffee beans. Interesting. The guys from Mayan Coffees know what they’re doing and you can really feel and see that they’re passionate about it. I absolutely love that.

They have direct contact with the fairtrade farm La Morenita in Guatemala and get the coffee imported directly from them. They grind the beans in the cafes and offer the coffee freshly brewed. Fun fact: the baristas are from Guatemala themselves and are able to tell you where the farms are. It’s really nice when you not only drink the coffee but also meet the people from there and get a “taste” of the culture. Plus, you’re able to put faces on the product you’re consuming. 

How awesome is it to read about their journey in this way?

Low prices
What’s surprising to me is that the prices are very low. You would expect to pay a bit more money for quality coffee, right? But nope, that makes sipping on that hot stuff even more enjoyable. The prices vary from €1,20 for an espresso to €2,- for a flat white. But they have a lot more on their menu, things such as fresh juices, cakes, tostadas, sandwiches, and they even have a tortilla. You can also go for one of their breakfast menus. It’s all super affordable ... happy wallet, happy taste buds, happy belly, happy us. 

Free advice

  • The reviews don’t lie: people are crazy about this coffee. And now I know why. Go try it out and let us know what you think :-) 
  • You have to order at the bar first, then they’ll bring it to your table. You can pay when you leave. 
  • If you couldn’t get enough of their coffee and want your tastebuds to have this pleasant experience at home, you can buy their coffee beans online.
  • If you wanna know more about the journey of the coffee beans, go check out their website, you’ll find lots of information there.
Try out their carrot cake and typical Spanish tortilla, they’re very delicious.

Location & openings hours
There are two cafes. One in Benimaclet and one in El Carmen

Benimaclet - Address: Carrer d'Hug de Montcada 19
Click here to check the opening hours

El Carmen - Address: Carrer de Murillo 54 
Click here to check the opening hours

Contact details
Mayan Coffees

Mayan Coffees is authentic, just like the people. Who doesn’t love that?!

Un abrazo,


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