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A guide on national and regional holidays in Valencia

Whether you’re going to live here for a short time or are planning to become a fully integrated citizen, it’s good to know a thing or two about the national and regional holidays. Not just for practical reasons, but also to get a taste of the culture. Valencianos sure know how to make the best of their public holidays!
Practical tips

How to survive Valencian winters

There’s no such thing as a long winter in Valencia, and snow is a rare phenomenon here. However, it can get pretty cold. Yes, those words are coming from me, a Dutch woman. Today I’m gonna give you some tips I wish someone had given me before I moved here.

Sing & Swing with Stephanie: Learn English through music with your little ones in Valencia.

If you’re looking for an interactive and fun activity in English for you and your kids, look no further! Whether you’re a native speaker or don’t speak a word at all, everyone is welcome and there are many benefits to joining this class. Wanna find out why?

Smileland Family Club: Unique play café in Valencia, a great treasure for young families.

A place where you can relax, sip on some coffee, eat cake, make new friends, have some quality time with your kids while doing fun activities. Whatever it is you need as a parent, Smileland Family Club has enough to offer to meet at least one of your needs.
Food & Drinks

Blackbird Café: from-scratch bakery with specialty coffees.

Today in our series of frequently visited places, we introduce to you: Blackbird. As you know we’re enthusiastic about many places in this city and Blackbird was one of our first loves in Valencia. We actually became friends with the owners, that’s how often we went there. As always, we’ll give you our honest opinion.
Practical tips

Centro Semilla: a safe haven for holistic self-care

We all need to take a little time each day to take care of ourselves and sometimes find our zen-ter. What that looks like is different for everyone, but if you’re interested in holistic health, this safe haven is worth visiting.
Practical tips

What to do on rainy days: play in the puddles or follow our tips

With 300 days of sun a year, there’s a small chance you’ll experience a lot of rainy days in Valencia. But when it rains, it pours! So what do you do on those days? We’re here to give you some inspiration.

Piccadilly Downtown Club: celebrate who you are during silent disco

Hello, nice to meet you. I’m the ambassador of Picadilly. Okay, not really, but there’s not a single person I know who I haven’t told about this nightclub. I should get free tickets for all the promotion I voluntarily do!

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