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15 work-friendly cafes in Valencia: from popular places to insider secrets

There’s no denying that remote work has become very popular since the pandemic. There are more digital nomads than ever and lots of people realize they don’t wanna go back to their offices. Well, why would you if you can also work from a bunch of lovely cafes in Valencia? You just have to know where to find them. To make the search a little easier, we’ve listed 15 work-friendly cafes for you, from popular places to insider secrets. Let’s work it, amigos!
Food & Drinks

Blackbird Café: artisan bakery-cafe with specialty coffees in Valencia

Today in our series of frequently visited places, we introduce to you: Blackbird Café. This artisan bakery-cafe was one of our first loves (not to confuse with doves) in Valencia. In fact, we’ve been here so many times that we became friends with the owners. If you’re looking for an awesome brunch spot and great specialty coffee, you’re gonna want to stick around.
Food & Drinks

Federal Café: dream the day away with Australian coffee in Valencia

On a hot Summer’s day, one of my friends wanted to cool down and catch up at Federal Café. She’d heard great stories about it and wanted to find out for herself. As it turns out: you can totally dream the day away while sipping on some Australian coffee. Is there more to it? You bet! If you’re looking for a great, trendy, brunch spot – this cafe should be on your must-visit list.
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ArtySana: healthy cafe for artists & art enthusiasts in Valencia

This is one of my go-to healthy cafes in Ruzafa. It’s the perfect place to grab something healthy, have some downtime on their patio, listen to live music and follow a workshop while enjoying the laid-back atmosphere. But it doesn’t stop there, Artysana offers even more goodness. Artists and art enthusiasts of Valencia, stay tuned…
Practical tips

Categorized Google Maps lists: where to go and what to do in Valencia

One of my life mottos is: make life easy again. Now, tell me, what’s easier than checking out some categorized Google Maps lists when you have no idea where to go and what to do in Valencia? Yeah, buddy, we did the dirty work for you - de nada. Keep reading if you wanna save tons of time and simply enjoy the city.
Food & Drinks

Bakery-cafe Dulce de Leche: pastry paradise for hipsters

I remember my first time in Valencia really well, it was in the Summer of 2016 when the city wasn’t that popular amongst tourists yet. As we were walking through the quiet streets of Ruzafa (I know, can you imagine?!), my friend took me to this bakery-cafe: Dulce de Leche. An absolute pastry paradise for hipsters. I realized: I didn’t just fall in love with the city, I fell in love with an Oreo Cheesecake too.
Food & Drinks

Bakery-cafe Fornelino: delicious, cheap breakfast menus & pastries

If there would be a Napolitana Appreciation Society, I’d join immediately. Wait a minute, I think I just created a new concept… Okay, let’s get to the point. Bakery-cafe Fornelino has some of the best pastries in town. And there’s even better news: they offer typical, cheap Valencian breakfast menus and coffee. What’s not to love?

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