Are you and your furry friend about to get some vitamin sea? Then we want to remind you of a couple of things before you head to the beach. You may have noticed that Valencia is a very dog-friendly city, but unfortunately, our little friends aren’t allowed to dip their paws in the sand wherever they want. That’s why we’ve made a list of 6 dog-friendly beaches in Valencia. If you need an excuse to explore some new, interesting playas, here it is ;-)

nyone who owns a dog knows the struggle of planning a beach day. 
You wanna spend a good amount of hours feeling the sea breeze on your skin, but your hairy child is waiting for you at home. What do you do?
Well, why don’t you take them to a playa canina? These are special dog beaches – you can find them in Valencia city as well as its surrounding towns in the province. Every beach has its own rules, though, so make sure to check those beforehand. 
If you’re a little scared that your dog won’t be able to beat the heat, then check out our Ultimate Summer Survival Guide. We’ve got lots of tips to keep them cool and make it an enjoyable beach day for both of you! 

Now, let’s discover 6 dog-friendly beaches in Valencia.
Oh and pssst, we’ve even included a great chiringuito tip ;-)

1. Playa Canina de Pinedo, Valencia
This dog beach is one of the few within the city. It’s a large, quiet beach located close to the port, which makes it easy to access by public transportation.
Dogs are allowed to relax and make new amigos on this playa from the 15th of June until the 30th of August. 

2. Playa Canina de Alboraya, Valencia
We all know our furry friends love belly rubs, but having lots of space to play in the sand probably feels just as good to them. This beach in Valencia city has it all.
Why, you ask? Because besides lots of space to play, there’s even a dog-friendly beach bar: Chiringuito Tres14Beach. We’re big fans ;-)

3. Playa La Torreta-Santa Elvira, El Puig
On the outskirts of the city, you’ll find this rocky and sandy beach. It’s a great place for a little dog adventure, as there are no sun worshipers here.
If you do wanna make yourself comfortable and lie down, we recommend bringing a yoga mat. Now, let’s unleash the beast!

One of our favorite Summer memories: a lovely day in Jávea with friends and doggos.

4. Playa El Brosquil, Cullera
This beautiful city in the Valencian province is very popular among Valencianos, but the dog beach is surprisingly calm. That’s probably one of the reasons why your little friend is allowed to run loose. While you have a moment for yourself, you can enjoy some of the beautiful views. This might become your new paradise…

5.  La Playa de Agua Amarga, Alicante
Have you ever thought about going on a day trip to Alicante? Then why not visit one of its dog beaches too? La Playa de Agua Amarga (also called: doggy beach), is a large, rocky beach. There’s a chiringuito which offers refreshing drinks too, need we say more? 

6. Playa la Renegá, Oropesa del Mar
3000 square meters of cute little coves, that sounds great, right? But it gets even better: it’s all for dogs! This is quite a unique dog beach in the Valencian province, so make sure to check it out. 

This list is just a small selection of all the dog–friendly beaches in Valencia, so we’ll share a couple more here. A bonus tip: it’s definitely worth driving up to Alicante, as most dog beaches are located there.
Okay, here it goes:  Playa de la Escollera Norte, Cala Les Urques, Playa Punta del Riu Sec, Playa del Barranc, Cala El Xarco, Caleta els Gossets, Playa El Barranquet, Playa Mar y Montaña, Cala del Rocío, Playa de Les Llanetes, Playa de Aiguaoliva and Playa L’Estany in Punta Capicorb.

Are you ready to explore some of these wonderful places? We would love to know what your favorite playa canina is :-)

Un abrazo,


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