Take a morning stroll around the city and its outskirts, and you’ll be sure to find a bunch of Valencianos looking for hidden gems on the streets. There are so many different kinds of street markets in Valencia, so today we’re gonna focus on rastros (also known as flea markets). If you wanna know when and where they take place, this guide is for you!

treet markets are definitely a thing in Valencia, which you’ve probably noticed if you’ve been here for a while. Take a stroll around any area of the city and you’ll find one for sure. However, sometimes you don’t wanna leave things to fate.
During my first months here, I found it difficult to figure out where and when the markets took place and what kinds of markets there were. There were so many of them, it was confusing. I decided to find the investigator in me and make a clear overview. Today I’ll share everything you need to know about flea markets in Valencia. Let’s make this easy for all of us, shall we? ;-) 

What is a flea market?
In case you don’t know what a flea markets, let’s define it.
Don’t worry, you won’t go home scratching your body all day, no fleas are involved. But you might be able to find some framed insects. Wait, what? Yeah, a flea market is a street market selling second-hand goods. You can find a mixture of objects, from antiques to books to clothes to electrical goods to the most random stuff, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you find some bugs in a frame. 

If you enjoy shopping for hidden gems and are a fan of anything second-hand or budget-friendly (welcome to the club), then you should definitely give the rastros in Valencia a go. 

What's your favorite second-hand item?
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash.

When and where to find the rastros
Throughout the week you can find the rastros in many different areas of the city. They only take place in the mornings and close around 13:00 or 14:00. There aren’t specific opening hours, so you just have to play it by ear. I’ll share the locations and days down below. 


  • Areas: Algirós, Ruzafa & Center.
  • Streets:
    Algirós - Calle Barón de Cortes, Calle Padre Perera, Calle Dr. Serrano, Calle Carlos Cervera, Calle Cura Femenía and Calle dels Tomasos.

    Ruzafa - Calle Barón de Cortes, Calle Padre Perera, Calle Dr. Serrano, Calle Carlos Cervera, Calle Cura Femenía and Calle dels Tomasos.

    Center - Calle Palafox, Calle En Gay, Calle Calabazas, Plaza del Mercado.


  • Areas: San Pedro Nalasco, Jerusalen - Pelayo, Nazaret.
  • Streets:
    San Pedro Nalasco - Calle Alamazora, Calle San Juan de la Cruz, Calle Milagrosa, Calle Nador, Calle Zeluán and Calle Ministro Luis Mayans.

    Jerusalen - Pelayo - Calle Convento Jerusalén, Calle Julio Antonio, Calle Ermita, Calle Estrella, Calle San Vicente, Gran Vía Ramón and Cajal, Calle Matemático Marzal.

    Nazaret - Calle Alta de la Mar


  • Areas: Benimamet, Castilla, Grao, Mosen Sorell. 
  • Streets:
    Benimamet - Calle Onda, Calle Carpintero, Calle Alborache.

    Castilla - Calle José Maestre, Calle Ángel del Alcázar, Calle Músico Ayllón, Calle Miguel Paredes, Calle Llombay, Plaza Mercado.

    Grao - Calle Abastos, Calle Santo Cristo del Grao.

    Mosen Sorell - Plaza Mosén Sorell Valencia.


  • Areas: Cabanyal and Torrefiel. 
  • Streets:
    Cabanyal - Calle Justo Vilar, Calle Marino Sirera, Calle Vicente Brull, Avenida Mediterráneo, Plaza Cruz del Canyamelar, Calle Rosario, Calle Martí Grajales. 

    Torrefiel - Calle Alemany, Calle Monte Carmelo, Calle Libreo Esclapes, Calle Jacomart, Calle Músico Espí and Calle Santo Domingo Savio.


  • Areas: Benimaclet, Malvarossa, Castellar.
  • Streets: 
    Benimaclet - Calle Rafael Tramoyeres, Calle Juan Giner.

    Malvarossa - Calle Berenguer de Montoliu, Calle Lanzarote.

    Castellar - Calle Escultor Federico Siurana, Calle Aurora.


  • Areas: Benicalap - La Paretta, Jesus-Patraix, Pinedo.
  • Streets: 
    Benicalap - La Paretta: Calle Miguel Servet, Calle P.F. Casanova Benlloch, Calle Sierra Martes, Calle Mirasol, Calle Tenor Lauri Volpi.

    Jesus-Patraix: Calle Beato Nicolás Factor.

    Pinedo: Plaza Manuel Sigüenza, Calle Mosén Cuenca.


  • Area: Plaza Redonda
  • Street: Plaza Redonda.

You might find a great fleece jacket, see what I did there? ;-)

Un abrazo,


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