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Categorized Google Maps lists: where to go and what to do in Valencia

One of my life mottos is: make life easy again. Now, tell me, what’s easier than checking out some categorized Google Maps lists when you have no idea where to go and what to do in Valencia? Yeah, buddy, we did the dirty work for you - de nada. Keep reading if you wanna save tons of time and simply enjoy the city.

Toni & Guy Academy Valencia: good-quality, cheap (or even free!) haircuts

You desperately need a new, good-quality haircut but you’re on a tight budget. Help, SOS, what do you do? Well, the Toni & Guy Academy is your man (see what I did there?) You might not even have to show your wallet at all. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? ;-)

Aqua Multiespacio: shopping mall with a view in Valencia

As much as we love strolling around the city looking for hidden gems, we love the convenience of shopping in a mall as well. Especially if that means we can grab a bite and enjoy a beautiful view at the same time. What are you waiting for? Let’s go to Aqua Multiespacio!

Where to buy skincare products in Valencia – a list of our favorite cosmetics stores

There’s no doubt I’m a skincare junkie. Yes, I totally have a thing for skincare products – if I could, I would lather everybody in sunscreen. I love watching videos from dermatologists for hours on end, writing down what I’ve learned, and giving my friends advice. Weird hobby? Maybe, but thanks to my obsession, you don’t have to worry about where to buy your products anymore. Today I’m sharing a list of our favorite cosmetics stores in Valencia. Your skin can thank us later ;-)