If you're up for an awesome and unique adventure in the province of Valencia, then stick around. We’re going to dive into my recent hike with Nuestra Aventura, which is packed with excitement, hidden spots, friendly people and good vibes.

ou may have noticed that it isn’t just Valencia city that’s beautiful. The province is gorgeous too! A great way to explore the beautiful nature surrounding our favorite city, is by going on a hike. Now, of course there are lots of different trails to choose from, but I want to tell you about a unique hike from Nuestra Aventura. It was truly an unforgettable experience.

Kickstarting the adventure

It was a summer morning and my boyfriend and I were ready for our adventure in Buñol. Stefan, our guide, picked us up around 9:30 at Plaza Ayuntamiento. He always checks which location works best for the group and once he’s figured that out, he tells you where you’ll meet, at what time and what supplies you need to take with you. He asked us to bring our own lunch, lots of water and dry clothes.

We hopped in his van, which was all set to fit about 9 of us. Ready to go!

Time to gear up

Fast forward about 40 minutes, we arrived at the starting point of our hiking trail in Buñol. We parked the van and Stefan told us what the day had in store. It was time to gear up. Stefan had us covered with everything we needed —  shoes in all sizes, dry-bags to keep our stuff.... dry, and helmets to keep us safe. We left our extra dry clothes in the van and took our snacks and water with us.

Shoes, sunscreen, snacks & water! Ready to go!
Saving nature from litter

Right before we started, Stefan told us about his own summer challenge. He took out a trash bag and hung it on his backpack. His challenge for this summer was to clean up during his hikes. Saving nature from littler one step at a time. If we wanted to join in, we totally could, but there was absolutely no pressure. At the end of the hike he had 2 full bags with trash, it was terrible to see how much people leave behind. But we loved seeing how respectful Stefan treats the environment.

Stefan's personal approach

As we kicked off our hike, Stefan became our trusty guidebook. He let us in on what was coming up next and really motivated us. And even though the sun was turning up the heat, we didn't feel rushed at all. Stefan had our backs with a pace that was just right, he also made sure we took enough breaks. Nobody was left behind and if you were a bit scared, he would take your hand and help you.

He wasn't just our guide; he was basically our adventure buddy. He made us feel like old friends on a cool journey. He chatted with us, shared personal stories about his life in Valencia, asked lots of questions and really wanted to get to know us.  

Waterfalls, caves & natural pools

During the first part of the hike, we tackled an uphill stretch that gave us a good challenge. At some point it was heavy, but really doable! We were still dry and hadn’t put our helmets on yet (those were for the journey downhill). The reward waiting for us was totally worth it  —  a lunch break right by a beautiful waterfall Cueva de las Palomas. After that, we jumped into the water fully clothed. It was really cold and refreshing and we stayed for another 30 to 40 minutes.

And then came the second half of the hike — it was scary, fun and exciting all at the same time. We put our helmets on, stuffed the dry-bags with our belongings (phones went into a waterproof plastic box, for extra protection!) and it was time to go down through the water. It was AMAZING!

The most exciting part for me was a 5-meter jump. Now, if that’s not your cup of tea, no worries, Stefan offers lots of alternatives for anyone who wants to take it easy, or is scared of heights.

After our jump, we went into a tiny cave, hiked some more through the waters and stumbled upon natural pools. At the end Stefan surprised us with a (plastic) glass of cava while chilling in the water. What a way to end the day!

So happy!

Lasting memories

As we walked back to our starting point, we slipped into dry clothes with a total sense of accomplishment. Stefan’s friendly demeanor, enthusiasm, personal approach and expertise made the hike an unforgettable adventure. We didn’t just discover new spots, we also made new friends. And there was another bonus: everything was filmed with a Go-Pro, so we can always go back to this wonderful memory.


  • Bring dry clothes, lunch, snacks and lots of water.
  • If you’re a bit worried that the hike is too heavy, just give it a try! All levels can join and Stefan really listens to your needs.
  • We were back around 15:00, so the activity took us about 5,5 hours. Make sure to double check the timing with Stefan and get enough sleep the night before!
  • The website is in Spanish, Dutch and English (Stefan is Dutch, like me)
  • The tours can be made just for you, so feel free to ask them about all the different options.

Contact details

Website: https://ngels.nuestra-aventura.com

Instagram: @nuestra.aventura.tours

Facebook: Nuestra Aventura

Have you tried any of Nuestra Aventura’s hikes? Let us know, we’d love to hear about your experience.

Big hug!


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