There’s no doubt I’m a skincare junkie. Yes, I totally have a thing for skincare products – if I could, I would lather everybody in sunscreen. I love watching videos from dermatologists for hours on end, writing down what I’ve learned, and giving my friends advice. Weird hobby? Maybe, but thanks to my obsession, you don’t have to worry about where to buy your products anymore. Today I’m sharing a list of our favorite cosmetics stores in Valencia. Your skin can thank us later ;-)

hen I just moved here, I had no idea where to buy all of my favorite skincare products. I found a few alternatives in a supermarket, pharmacy, and a small perfumería, but I wasn’t very satisfied with them. I wanted to go to one big store, let’s say I was looking for the cosmetics version of the Chinese variety stores. I mean, who doesn’t like a bit of convenience? 

May and I always bond over skincare (among many other things, of course), so I was very excited when she told me she discovered a big cosmetic Valhalla.
I thought: “vamos”, before she could even finish her sentence. 

Druni Perfumerías
Let me introduce you to the ultimate cosmetic Valhalla in Valencia: Druni Perfumerías. It was our first crush, and it’s still my first choice whenever I need a new product.
There are quite a few Druni’s in the city, I prefer the big ones as they have a much bigger selection of different brands. My favorite Druni is the one in the city center.  

Are you a big fan of discounts? Then you’re gonna love this. You can find plenty of discounted products every single day. Hurray! Just look for the Ofertas Flash – these offers last 24 hours.  

I’d advise you to register as a member when you’re there, as you get points with every purchase. With those points, you can buy the most random stuff: from beach towels to headphones. Saving up without realizing it, is cool, right? You can check what kind of stuff they offer here and see how many points you have so far.

There’s also an online shop where they offer free delivery for orders above €20,-
When you subscribe to their newsletter, you get a €3,- discount.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a member or not, because unfortunately, in-store and online are two separate things, so you won’t get any points if you order online. However, the website is very convenient to use and delivery is quite quick.

If you want to find the closest Druni to you and check their opening hours, just look it up on Google Maps and you’ll find it immediately.

Photo by Nati Melnychuk on Unsplash

Perfumerías Primor
This is one of the biggest cosmetics stores in Spain. I really like Perfumerías Primor, the only reason why it’s not my first choice is that there are only two in Valencia, so it’s just not always convenient. But, this is definitely another cosmetic Valhalla.

Their online shop has a huge selection of products and there’s free delivery for orders above €25,-

If you have a friend who’s just as addicted to skincare products as I am, buy them a gift card. You can do this online or in-store. 

One of the shops is located in the mall Aqua Multiespacio, click here to view the opening hours.

The other one is located in the center. Address: Carrer de Don Juan de Austria  4
Click here to view the opening hours. 
One of my go-to online shops is There’s a wide variety of (discounted) products.
A tip for the summer months: buy your sunscreen here, you’ll benefit from lots of discounts on high-quality brands. These special offers usually start in spring and last until the end of summer.
The delivery fee is a bit higher than the others. However, if your order is above €59,- it’ll be free of charge. So if you wanna stock up, you know what to do. 
If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, is a really good alternative. You need a bit of patience as delivery takes a bit longer, but if that gives you what you want, it’s worth it, right?
There’s free delivery for orders above €30,-
Search through the website for discount codes before you order, there are usually plenty of them.

If you invite a friend, they’ll get a €15,- discount on their first order. At the same time, you’ll receive €10,- on your account. So, my friend, I really wouldn’t mind if you’d use my referral link ;-)

I wouldn’t be a real skincare junkie if I wouldn’t end this blog post with the words: “The best beauty secret is sunscreen.” 

Un abrazo,



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