You desperately need a new, good-quality haircut but you’re on a tight budget. Help, SOS, what do you do? Well, the Toni & Guy Academy is your man (see what I did there?) You might not even have to show your wallet at all. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? ;-)

f the thought of getting a free or cheap haircut gives you an instant panic attack, then let me tell you a secret: cheap or free doesn’t always equal bad quality. Whenever we’re looking for high-quality hair salons in Valencia, Toni & Guy always pops up. So, that means it’s absolutely possible to get a good-quality haircut for a very low price (or even for free!) at their academy. If May hadn’t told me about this, I would have walked around with a bird’s nest on my head for a long time. Yeah, this academy was definitely my savior when I was a bit low on money. 

What is the Toni & Guy academy?

The Toni & Guy Academy offers various courses to hairdressers from all over the world. They learn and practice the latest hairdressing techniques from a team of professionals. This team, led by Jose Boix (the director of Toni & Guy Spain), has won several awards. So, in case you were having some doubts: yes, you'll be in good hands :-)

Patience is key

If you want to practice patience or enjoy a good amount of relaxing moments, this is a great place to do so. The first time I went to the academy, I wanted to get my hair cut and colored. I went for a balayage, which is a lot more work than the usual coloring. I spent 5 hours in the chair, realizing my face was definitely not symmetrical and being fascinated by the fact that I look ridiculous with a bunch of tin foil on my head. However, it doesn’t take that long if you’re just going for a fresh cut, but you do have to remember: patience is key. The teachers need to review what the students did in order for them to continue. 

The subtle art of tin foil.

English-speaking teachers
There’s a lot of things to think about when we’re going to a hair salon in a foreign country, right? Not only do we worry about the quality, but we also worry about how we’re going to communicate our needs to the hairdresser so that we don’t end up crying on the bathroom floor when we get home. Well, another great thing about this academy is that the teachers speak English. It’s not easy to find a salon with English-speaking hairdressers in Valencia, so hu-freaking-rray! Some students might speak English as well, just ask them. I never had a problem trying to explain what I wanted, either in broken Spanish or English, we always found a way. 

Worth the wait
The 5 hours were absolutely worth the wait. I’m usually quite picky when it comes to hairdressers. I’ve got really straight hair and I like a bit of volume, so I tried to find the right haircut for many years. No hairdresser has accomplished what the people at the Toni & Guy Academy have accomplished, which is to cut my hair in such a way that it has a bit of playfulness and volume. I was especially happy with Franze, who cut my hair a couple of times.
She’s very kind, very precise and does a really great job. Unfortunately she doesn’t work at the academy anymore as she’s working in the salon now, but there are lots of other great hair artist in the making! 

I got lots of compliments from other people, asking me where I got my hair done.
When I told them about the academy, they were very surprised. Well, I was surprised after my first visit too. What an accomplishment!

This was the result after my first visit (I'm a natural brunette).

How to book an appointment
If you want to book an appointment, simply check out their Instagram page to see what they’re offering right now and send an e-mail to

You can choose to get your hair cut, colored or both, but it depends on your own flexible schedule. The thing is that you have to be available on specific times and days, so just ask for the possibilities and they’ll help you out! Keep in mind that they don’t work during the evenings and weekends.


A fresh cut is free of charge. If you want a color treatment, then you pay €17,-
Hallelujah! Told you it’s cheap ;-) 

Location & opening hours

C. Félix Pizcueta 4

Opening hours may vary, so it’s best to contact the academy. 

Contact details

Happy new hair!

Un abrazo,


Jan 19, 2022

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