Spas in Valencia are like little hidden treasures, if you don’t know where they are, they’re not easy to find. We love to pamper ourselves and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but since there isn’t a huge spa culture here, we didn’t really know where to go. Now, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t do some research, right? As it turns out, Valencia does have some amazing spas! So, friends, get ready for that baby soft skin – it’s time to relax the day away in one of these 6 spas in Valencia.

f you’re anything like me, you agree that visiting a spa is always a good idea. But how often do we really do it? Pampering ourselves is not always on top of our to-do list, but I believe it should. We all deserve a break from our busy lives – the better we take care of ourselves, the better we can handle stressful situations!
So, let’s step into the world of relaxation for a bit, shall we? 
Whether you’re looking for a sauna session, a relaxing massage, a traditional Turkish hammam, or a simple dip in a thermal pool, there’s something for every taste!

  • Balneario La Alameda
    “The water that heals”, sounds amazing, right? With this slogan, Balneario La Alameda promises a healing, relaxing experience. This urban spa is located in a beautiful 20th-century building, close to the Turia Park. Its thermal baths work wonders for the body. The water is rich in minerals such as magnesium, copper, and zinc, which makes it a natural, pain-relieving, relaxing, and rejuvenating treatment for the skin. Need a little more than that? Then don’t hesitate to book one of their lovely massages.

    Click here to view the opening hours.

    Facebook: Balneario La Alameda
    Instagram: @balalameda

  • Parador de El Saler
    Right in between nature reserve Albufera and the sea, you’ll find hotel Parador de El Saler. This unique space has a beautiful spa with a heated swimming pool, a hot tub, a Finnish & Turkish sauna, an ice fountain, a steam room, foot baths, bi-thermal & Scottish showers, and heated loungers.
    The body treatments are very popular, so do give that a go.
    If you really wanna get away from Valencia city for a bit, this is your best bet!

    Click here to view the opening hours.

    Facebook: Parador de El Saler

  • Baños del Almirante
    This traditional, Arab bath house is definitely something special! It’s located in a gorgeous, simple, ancient building that dates back to the 1300s.
    People have been going to this spa for more than six centuries, so it’s safe to say that Baños del Almirante is worth visiting ;-)
    Simplicity prevails here, there are three rooms with cold water, tepid water, and hot water. If that’s all you need to relax, then you’ll enjoy the extra water sound effects for sure.

    Click here to view the opening hours.
What’s your favorite type of massage?

  • Spa Primus Valencia
    An 80-minute spa circuit, who doesn’t want that? I mean… can I go already?
    Spa Primus Valencia is part of the four-star hotel Primus Valencia. So, expect high-quality service. This intimate spa offers an 80-minute deeply relaxing experience.
    There’s a tropical rain shower, a foot bath, a dynamic pool with several jets, a bucket shower, a dry sauna, a cold pool, a Turkish bath, an ice fountain, and cold, aromatic, and Scottish showers.
    Does your body need a little extra TLC? Then make sure to book a body treatment beforehand and hop in one of the cabins once you’re there.

    Click here to view the opening hours.

    Facebook: SPA Primus Valencia
    Instagram: @spaprimus

  • Hammam Al Amira
    Attention all Hammam lovers: if you don't know this place yet, you’re probably gonna love it. Hammam Al Amira is the first Turkish spa in Valencia.
    A standard ritual includes exfoliation with black soap, a Turkish steam bath, washing the body, and a massage. However, they offer lots of different deals and treatments, so do have a look at their website!

    Click here to view the opening hours.

    Facebook: Hammam Al Amira
    Instagram: @hammamalamira

  • Spa Calm & Luxury Premium
    Are you looking for a romantic date idea with your partner? Then head to Spa Calm & Luxury Premium. This spa is specialized in couple treatments and offers an exclusive, private spa experience just for you.
    All the tools you need to relax are there: a Turkish bath, a sauna, a jacuzzi, aromatic showers, and sun loungers.
    And hey, no worries if you’re single, you can also book an individual spa circuit. If you don’t wanna go for the private spa experience, then it's good to keep in mind that there’s only a maximum of 8 people allowed, so… no crowds, olé.

    Click here to view the opening hours.

    Instagram: @spaxperiencespain

    Free advice
  • Check out Groupon for special deals in and around Valencia city. Maybe you’ll stumble upon one of our listed spas! 
  • Follow our Google Maps list so you can easily check directions and opening hours. We’ve added a couple more spas and we’ll keep updating the list. 
  • If you’re not a huge fan of spas yourself, why not buy a gift voucher for a friend? Just saying… I know how happy I’d be ;-)

Are you gonna take some time to treat yourself? You deserve it, my friend.

Un abrazo,



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