If you like food truck festivals and gastronomic markets, then you’ve just found your treasure of the year. It gets even better because this isn’t just a temporary event. Mercabanyal is basically a never-ending food truck festival in one of the most authentic neighborhoods of Valencia. Yeah, it’s clear, you have to visit this unique outdoor space at least once in your life.

s you probably would’ve expected, Mercabanyal is located in the heart of the neighborhood El Cabanyal. Their concept is unique – there’s no other place like this in Valencia. I mean, a mix of a gastro market and a food truck festival that never goes away? What a genius idea, can someone give the owner an award, please?

May and I love to chill here, especially when we’re with a group of friends – we don’t have to discuss what and where to eat as there’s something for everyone. However, it weren’t just our bellies that made us love this place…

Large, bright & aesthetically pleasing 
is a large and bright outdoor space with several terraces on different heights. Sounds cool, right? But here’s another great thing: their style is very aesthetically pleasing. With its white & blue colors, this place reminds me of Greece. Wooden terraces and food truck containers combined with vintage furniture… yes, Mercabanyal is definitely an authentic chill-out spot. 

Multiple food truck containers
Okay, gastro market fanatic, let’s talk about the food – you probably wanna know a thing or two, right? ;-)
Well, good news: there are multiple food truck containers run by local restaurants, bakeries, ice cream parlors, and whatnot. So if you’re always in doubt about where to eat with your friends, this will save you a lot of time and hassle. 
We’ve seen food stands from Kento, Sorsi e Morsi, La Freiduría, Baovan, Tanto Monta, La Crèpe, Hundred and Pops ‘n Bops. It does change sometimes, so do check out Mercabanyal’s menu to avoid disappointment.
As you may have read before, I’m a huge pizza-lover and I happen to love Sorsi e Morsi. Their Melenzane and Tartufona pizzas are so freaking good. I haven’t tried anything from the new food stands yet, so I can’t tell you what my favorites were –  but I do know all restaurants have really good reputations.

A good old merienda in the sun, I’m not complaining.
Photo by Dave Heere on Unsplash

Wide variety of drinks
Getting thirsty? Mercabanyal offers a wide variety of beers, including Valencian ones. Wines, cocktails, and Vermut are also on the menu. For lovers of hot drinks, they have a wonderful selection of different coffees and teas.

How to order 
Order something at your favorite food stand and pay immediately. Once it’s done you can pick it up, bring it to your table and that’s that. Qué aproveche! 

Chilling in the outdoors
To me, there’s nothing better than chilling in the outdoors. Okay, maybe there is. Chilling in the outdoors, enjoying a laid-back atmosphere, and being welcomed with open arms. Oh, what a coincidence, that’s totally the case at Mercabanyal.
This place invites you to wind down and have a good time, whether you’re a human being or a dog. Speaking about having a good time, sometimes they host concerts too – that makes my musical genes go wild! 
Believe it or not, there’s another bonus: in Summer they place misting fans on their terraces, which makes being outdoors in the heat much more doable. Honestly, the owner of this place doesn’t only deserve an award, he deserves free paella for the rest of his life too.  

Friends, gin, burgers, Mercabanyal. What a blissful experience. 

Free advice

  • If you’re with a group of friends, give all the food stands a chance and enjoy the variety of food. Tapas, anyone? ;-) 
  • It’s pretty easy to get there by bike, bus, Yego, Valenbisi, and car.There are a few parking spots, several bus stops nearby, and some Valenbisi stations.
  • Mercabanyal Club is an extension of the gastro market, with its own terrace and its own lunches. So if you do want to stay indoors, this is the perfect solution.
  • It’s usually very crowded, so make sure to reserve a spot on time or go there before or after Spanish mealtimes.

Location & opening hours
Carrer d'Eugènia Viñes 225 
Click here to view the opening hours

Contact details

Mercabanyal: solving dinner conflicts since 2019.  

Un abrazo,


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