I’ve been singing “round round get around, I get around” all throughout this blog post. I love the Beach Boys… and they probably loved public transportation. Now, leaving the boys aside, the question is: how to get around Valencia? Today I’ll share 5 transportation tips with you. Ready for the ride?

t’s really easy to get around Valencia – after all, the city isn’t that big.
Bikes, cars, buses, metros, trams, scooters, and taxis, there are more than enough options. But which one should you choose? I’ll explain how it all works and leave it up to you.

Bus - EMT
Taking a bus is really easy and cheap: there are plenty of stops in Valencia and its surrounding areas. Don’t confuse this with a touristic hop-on, hop-off bus, though ;-) 

The public network is called EMT. You can check all routes and timetables on their website and app.
Google Maps isn’t always as accurate, trust me – I’ve been around the block a few times.
Once you’re at the bus stop, scan the barcode on the map – you’ll be directed to a link with the times of arrival.

So, how do you get a ticket? Well, there are lots of different subscriptions and tickets to choose from, you just need to figure out what suits your needs.

If you have a card, you can also check your current balance and latest trips on the website or app.
One thing I really like about EMT’s system is that you only have to check in, there’s no need to check out. No matter how far you’ll go, you won’t get charged more. You can also hop on any other bus without having to check in again, as long as it’s within a timeframe of 1 hour. 

Some extra free advice: 

  • If you want to use a Valenbisi as well, get a Mobilis card. You can buy this at any tobacco shop. You can recharge it there or through the EMT website or app. 10 trips only cost €8,50. 
  • A single ticket costs €1,50. You can buy this through the app. It’s really easy: download your ticket and that’s it. 
  • Another great option if you’re just visiting Valencia, or if you have visitors, is the Valencia Tourist Card. You’ll have unlimited trips over 24, 48, or 72 hours and you’ll get discounts for museums, shops, and restaurants. You can buy this at Calle de la Paz, Ayuntamiento, Joaquin Sorolla, the airport, in authorized kiosks, and on their website.
Just driving through the beautiful streets of Valencia is satisfying enough, isn’t it?Photo by Lukas D. on Unsplash

Yego - electric scooters 
I don’t have a driver’s license yet but I do love going for a ride, so I’m always excited when May asks me if I wanna grab a scooter and hop on any Maria, Diego, or Juan. Yes, these electric scooters have names. 

Yego is an electric scooter-share company. Their app allows you to rent scooters anywhere in the city, 24/7, with just one click. It’s very simple, convenient, and last but not least: sustainable.

The app will show you if there are any Yegos available in your area. They can be parked anywhere in the city as long as it’s in the permitted area, which you can check on the app. 
It’s usually quite easy to find a scooter, especially in areas such as Cabanyal, El Carmen, and Ruzafa. I do advise you to leave a bit earlier than planned in case you have something important to do – you never know.
Once you’ve found a scooter through the app, you can reserve it for a short amount of time. When you arrive, unlock it with the app, and there ye-go! ;-) To lock it, simply use the app again. 

Some extra free advice:

  • Don’t park outside of the permitted areas, the scooter will be towed away and you’ll get a warning. 
  • Download the app before starting your first trip. It usually takes some time - but less than a day - to verify your profile.   
  • Only unlock the Yego when you’re ready to go, as they will start charging from the moment you unlock it. Also, don’t forget to lock it when you’ve finished your trip.  

Metro & tram
Valencia has a good metro and tram system too. The network is called: Metrovalencia. Surprising, right? You can easily travel through the city and its surrounding pueblos (towns). There’s a good connection to the airport as well.

You can check all routes and timetables on their website and app.

Similarly to EMT, there are lots of different subscriptions and tickets, so please do check what suits you 

Some extra free advice:

  • There are automatic vending machines in the metro stations and on the tram platforms. You can always buy a ticket there. 
  • If you have a Mobilis card, you can use it for the metro as well. 

Anthony & Edu had a great time together.

Bikes - Valenbisi
You might wanna pedal the day away, in that case, check out this blog post about Valencia’s bike-sharing system.

Taxis are very affordable in Valencia, and there are plenty of them. You can just try to catch a cab on the street or use some apps – which usually have much better deals. 

Lots of people ask about Uber, but we don’t have that here. However, we do have Cabify which is very similar.The app is very popular and it’s always my first choice. I usually choose the lite option.

Freenow is another taxi app. I use this as my backup plan when I can’t find a taxi through Cabify. I’ve never had any problems with this app, it works really well. A big plus is that you can book in advance, which is convenient if you have to go to the airport, for example.

Do you have a ticket to ride? ;-)

Un abrazo,


Mar 10, 2022
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