Valencia’s cuisine is amazing and we’re totally here for it, no doubt about that. However, there’s one thing that we were really missing here: a good salad bar. You know, one of those bars where you can create your own salad and/or enjoy some fresh, homemade, green goodness. If your body can use a delicious vitamin boost, stick around, because we’ve found 4 healthy salad bars in Valencia…

ay and I are both quite easy when it comes to cooking.
Do we love food? Yes, totally. Do we wanna spend hours cooking in the kitchen? Nope. 
We both enjoy a bit of convenience, so when we don’t feel like cooking, we like to go to one of our favorite restaurants or order takeout.
Sometimes we’re craving a good old salad, but there weren’t always enough healthy options. So once we’ve found them, we decided to make a list for you.
Hey, we want our friends to stay healthy too, you know.

  1. Salad Planet
    I recently discovered this super cool place – the pink colors caught my eye while I was walking through the city center.
    I took a peek at their menu and was very surprised, they had lots of healthy dishes for budget-friendly prices.
    A few weeks later, I decided to take a friend to this awesome spot. We were convinced that they had just opened their doors, but that wasn’t true at all!
    In fact, one of the guys told us that they had already been there for 4 years. Wait, what? Salad Planet is so instagrammable, how come we didn’t know it?
    We obviously had to try out their salads, and so we did. My oh my was that tasty! 
    We had to choose from 50 fresh, local, natural ingredients. Overwhelming or amazing? I’d say both. 
    If you’re not that great at decision-making, then the staff will be more than happy to help you out – they’re super friendly.
    Once you’ve made your decision, they’ll prepare your meal on the spot.
    You then pay at the counter and take your tray with you. 
    It doesn’t matter what your diet looks like, there’s something for everyone, but to make sure you can enjoy their salads as much as we do, I would advise you to check out their menu beforehand.
    These salads are from another planet. Buenísima. 

    Salad Planet
Isn’t this a great shot for ‘the gram ? ;-) 

  1. Begreen Salad Company
    This salad bar has 2 different locations in Valencia, hurray!
    The more salad bars, the better, right? 
    Begreen Salad Company
    is all about leading a balanced lifestyle, and eating healthily is a big part of that.
    Lots of people still believe this isn’t possible when we’re busy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Salad bars like these ones give us the opportunity to get a vitamin boost even when we’re in a rush. 
    Another bonus? All meals are prepared on the spot and the ingredients are always fresh. Besides, if you’re interested in living a greener life – their packaging, napkins, cups, and silverware are biodegradable. Yes, they’re very conscious about their environmental footprint. 
    Wanna check out the menu first? Click here.

    If you’re just looking for some healthy takeaway or delivery options, then it’s worth checking out the FOOD POINT.
    This cute little place in Ruzafa offers lots of dishes, including delicious bowls full of good nutrients.
    You can go for one of their popular ones or choose your own ingredients. 
    Leaving the house isn’t even necessary, as you can order quickly through their website too. In fact, you can preorder your meals, how convenient is that?!
    Perfect when you have some busy days ahead. 
    You’ll find the menu here.

    : the FOOD POINT
  1. Go Salad Company
    Healthy street food, that’s what this restaurant offers.
    You’ll find lots of healthy dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients on their menu.
    Go Salad company
    strives for quality, this goes for their food as well as their service. Well, that definitely doesn’t go unnoticed!
    If you haven’t tried their salads yet, today is the day.
    You can choose your favorite one or create your own, whether you wanna spend some time in the restaurant or just need a quick bite. 
    Click here to see the menu.

    Instagram: @go_salad_vlc
    Go Salad

Which of these salad bars is your favorite and why? Please let us know :-)

Un abrazo,


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