Disclaimer: this is not some juicy blog post about the Tiger King. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I’ll tell you about one of my favorite Tigers in Valencia: Flying Tiger Copenhagen. A Danish, world-famous, budget-friendly variety store. If you like Scandinavian designs, then stick with me.

love to go on a treasure hunt for fun materials. I teach English to kids between the ages of 2 to 6 years, so it’s important to use lots of fun props. When I just moved here, I had no idea where to find such things. So I took a stroll around the city and I stumbled upon Flying Tiger Copenhagen. 
I was pleasantly surprised to see that this store had exactly what I was looking for (and much more than that) because it wasn’t easy to find the kind of materials and props I had in mind. It basically felt like I was swiping through Tinder for ages, went on some bad dates, and then finally found a good match. And guess what? The prices are super affordable. If you’ve read any of the other blog posts, you know I’m a sucker for anything budget-friendly. I’m a big fan of Scandinavian designs as well, so: right place, right time. 

What is Flying Tiger Copenhagen? 
Flying Tiger Copenhagen
is a Danish variety store chain. Its first shop opened in Copenhagen in 1995 and the chain now has nearly a thousand shops worldwide. They sell a variety of budget-friendly items such as toys, kitchenware, arts & crafts supplies, fun games, tote bags, journals, and much more. 

Ethical, sustainable, and safe
Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I found out that their products are produced in respect of ethical, environmental, and social standards. They’re tested for problematic substances and their face paint and all other children’s products are free from perfume. Yessss, can I get an amen? The toys are safe for children to play with, which is obviously one of the most important things for me as a teacher. If I could marry a store, trust me, I would.

Clean, bright, and well-organized. I wouln't mind staying here for a few hours.

Get inspired
Everyone knows that inspiration doesn’t always just come to us. Sometimes, you need to go out there to find it. So whenever I need to get a little more inspired for my classes, I just go to Flying Tiger Copenhagen to see what they have in store. I usually go on a hunt when I’ve already made my lesson plans, to see if I can make them more fun and get better ideas. 

Free advice: 

  • Somehow it’s not easy to find affordable candles in Valencia, but I found them at this store! Prices starting from €1,-. Keep that fire burning, baby.
  • If you want to go greener, it’s a good idea to buy your stuff here. They use eco-friendly materials for their products and have made a plastic pledge, which means they minimize their use of plastic and strengthen reuse and recycling.
  • Don’t know what to do with your kids? Buy a DIY craft or book. They’re really fun.
  • Try their Danish candy, it's really tasty!

Location & opening hours
There are several Flying Tigers in Valencia.
If you want to check the opening hours and see which stores are close to you, click here.

Contact details
Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Spread your wings and fly to these tigers, who knows what’s in store for you ;-) 

Un abrazo,



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