The earth is our friend and it needs our support. If you’ve been wanting to help, you might have come up with a few different ideas to live a greener lifestyle. Recycling, reducing plastic waste, and buying in bulk are some good examples. We’ve found a cute little place in Ruzafa that helps us do exactly that! Re-cicloo (previously called Sabó i Més) is a unique, local, zero-waste shop in Valencia that motivates us to recycle and clean in an eco-friendly way. Besides, they offer a variety of natural and vegan cosmetic products. Grab an empty plastic bottle and head to Re-cicloo, not only will you support the earth, you’ll support a local as well!

ver thought:  "What’s the right thing to do?"

It's a question we all ask ourselves from time to time, right?
There’s so much information out there that helping our planet can feel a little overwhelming. But we believe that small steps make big changes, especially if we take those steps together – and that’s enough.

A kind buenos días, eco-friendly cleaning products & the smell of lavender 
Speaking about steps, I was strolling around the city on an early Saturday morning, chatting with a friend while discovering some local shops, when I stumbled upon Re-cicloo. It looked cute and as I took a peek, the owner welcomed me with a very kind “buenos días.

If you love lavender as much as I do, then you can probably imagine how excited I got when I noticed the oil diffuser – the whole shop smelled like lavender, yesss! 
Other things that made me really excited, were the big jerrycans filled with eco-friendly cleaning products. I then realized the thirty-something dilemma is real.
Am I really getting excited about cleaning products? Apparently, the answer is yes. 

I wasn’t the only one who was enthusiastic, though, the lady was more than happy to tell me all about this unique, zero-waste concept. 

How it works
So, how does it work? It’s really simple –  you only have to bring an empty plastic bottle with you, choose one of the cleaning products, ask the lady to refill your bottle, and ya está.

If you forgot to bring a bottle with you, you can ask for one. They use plastic containers and bottles that other people have brought to the shop.
Yes, the people from Re-cicloo definitely know how to recycle! 

Re-cicloo makes investing in the environment a whole lot easier! 

Ecological, vegan, and natural products
Cleaning products aren’t the only thing that you’ll find here.
They also offer other ecological, vegan, and natural products, such as hand-made and refillable diffusers, creams for children and babies, natural cosmetics, facial creams, and solid and cruelty-free shampoos.

Free advice

  • If you find yourself having way too many plastic bottles in the trash, bring them to Re-cicloo, they’ll appreciate it. 
  • You can give them a call or send them a message on Whatsapp if you’re in a hurry and want to place an order. Phone number: +34 656 36 84 69
  • Check our Instagram page to get a better glimpse of the shop.

Location & opening hours
Address: Carrer de Puerto Rico 16
Click here to view the opening hours.

Contact details

Will this shop be one of your local favorites? Let us know! 

Un abrazo,


Jun 10, 2022

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