Say “AlVent” and our jewelry boxes start to dance. Valencia is full of cute boutiques and this is definitely one of them. They sell unique, hand-crafted jewelry for wallet-friendly prices. You can just tell it’s made with a lot of love and passion. Want to hear how and why I fell in love with this boutique?

stumbled upon this little gem three years ago. I was walking around the city with a friend when we suddenly saw this cute, colorful boutique decorated with lots of plants and flowers (that’s how you win me over anyway). We just had to check it out! 

Little moment of joya

We were welcomed with open arms and when I saw the jewelry, I immediately fell in love. I thought it would be pretty expensive since it’s all hand-crafted, very unique and lots of pieces are made from real silver and/or gold, but no! I was so surprised when I saw the prices. And if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for anything wallet-friendly. So: match made in heaven. I bought one pair of earrings made from steel. I thought they would get ugly really quick, but here we are… three years later and they still look great! I believe I only paid €12,-
Can we have a moment of silence for this little moment of joy/joya? ;-)

How cute are these colors?!

Great service
The price/quality ratio is not the only thing that won my heart over. Do you know that feeling when you’re in a shop and you just don’t feel welcome at all? That’s definitely not the case here. They take all the time to help you and you can just feel that they’re passionate about their job. I’ve been to AlVent many times since that very first day and the service has always been great, even when it’s busy. They’re patient and friendly. If you need to get something repaired or adjusted, they do it for free. 

Online shop
They have an online shop as well. A plus if your Spanish is not great: you can choose to switch the site to English.
If you need some help or advice, you can use the chat. There’s free delivery on orders over €19,90 and when you order for the first time, you’ll get a 10 % discount. 

Gift cards
My friends and I, we’re all fans of AlVent (see what I did there). That’s why it’s quite easy to come up with a gift, but sometimes we can’t choose. Luckily you can buy a gift card in the webshop and boutiques.

We're in love with this sophisticated ring! 

Locations & opening hours
There are two boutiques in Valencia and there’s one in Madrid. I’ll share the Valencian ones with you:

Calatrava - Address: Carrer de Calatrava 4

Click here to view the opening hours

Colón - Address: Carrer de Colón 72

Click here to view the opening hours

Contact details
Al Vent

AlVent brings us small bits of joy, is it a coincidence that joya means jewelry? I think not. 

Un abrazo,



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