The owners of Malafama Canyamelar must be into reverse psychology. Why? Mala fama is Spanish for bad reputation, but this restaurant (which is one of my top favorites) has anything but that. It’s famous for its super tasty, homemade pinchos and tapas. Now, let’s be real: we all know eating typical Spanish snacks is an essential part of Valencian life. Vamos, friends!

alafama Canyamelar is located in El Cabanyal, which is a very upcoming neighborhood. It’s one of the most authentic areas of Valencia for me. You can find a mix of locals, students, and expats there. The more popular this area becomes, the more cool restaurants pop up. Malafama Canyamelar is one of them. We often go here if we wanna grab a little bite, sip on some beers or eat some delicious dessert.
We’re always happy when we find a spot because it’s not easy to get one. Yes, this place, despite its name, has a really good reputation.

The restaurant itself is quite small: they have an awesome bar and there are a few tables. However, they have a big terrace. We love sitting outside as much as possible, so that’s not a problem for us.  And honestly, we’re just happy to be there when we get the chance. 

Homemade pinchos & tapas
At the bar, you can find a wide variety of pinchos. Maybe you’re not familiar with the word, so, what is it?
A pincho is a small snack, a piece of sliced bread topped with, for example, tortilla or Spanish ham. However, there are many different toppings and the people from Malafama Canyamelar make very special ones, I suppose there are no rules when it comes to pinchos.

“But, Steph, you said they have tapas too?” Yes, that’s right. In case you don’t know what a tapa is: a tapa is a small snack too, the only difference is that it could be literally anything as it’s just a smaller portion of food. So, if you’re into small snacks (which you almost have to be if you live in Valencia), this is definitely the place for you, because they are freaking delicious.

Do you think there are enough pinchos? ;-) 

Hardworking, friendly staff
The staff is always friendly, they work really hard but always stay kind. Some of them speak English and the service is great. If you wanna check what kind of pinchos they have, you have to go to the bar. You can find the rest of the snacks and desserts on their menu.

Our favorites
We’ve been working really hard on our mission to try out the menu. Okay, kidding, we just really love to eat good stuff (who doesn’t?). Here are some of our favorites:

Burrata Malafama: Salad with Valencian tomatoes, burrata, and homemade pesto. 

Provolone al Horno: Italian oven-baked cheese with sundried tomatoes and some toast on the side.

Carpaccio de Berenjena: Eggplant carpaccio, with a base of ricotta and romesco sauce.

Saquitos de Boletus y Trufa: Mushroom-truffle parcels. 

Croquetas: We loooove croquetas, and these are some of the best ones in town. They have croquetas with: iberian ham, fish, chicken curry and veal with a mix of spices. You can always ask if they have more options, because sometimes they do.

Falafel casero: Falafel with pico de gallo and green mayonnaise.

Banana con dulce de leche: this speaks for itself. Try out this dessert, you probably won’t be disappointed if you like both banana and dulce de leche

Who knew a bunch of super tasty pinchos and tapas could make us this happy? 

Free advice

  • You can only book a table through WhatsApp. The number is: +34 605 67 46 97
  • In case you can’t make a reservation, just go before Spanish mealtimes and give it a shot.
  • If you’re vegetarian, vegan, or have any allergies or intolerances, check the symbols on their menu to see what you can eat. The pinchos are not on the menu so just ask the staff. 
  • They offer delivery services too. Yay!

Location & opening hours
Carrer de Francesc Cubells 37
Click here to view the opening hours

Contact details
Malafama Canyamelar

Is this place even real? Can someone … pincho me? 

Un abrazo,


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