If there would be a Napolitana Appreciation Society, I’d join immediately. Wait a minute, I think I just created a new concept… Okay, let’s get to the point. Bakery-cafe Fornelino has some of the best pastries in town. And there’s even better news: they offer typical, cheap Valencian breakfast menus and coffee. What’s not to love?

ast year I accidentally found one of the best bakery-cafes in Valencia: Fornelino. It turned out that I’d been living around the corner of the first Fornelino cafe for 1,5 years and I had no clue. Oh, the things my taste buds missed out on… I’m sorry guys.
Funny thing is, you can’t miss it when you walk past Mercado de Ruzafa or the street Peris y Valero, as the blue colors of the building will grab your attention. Was I moving through this world with blinders on? I guess so.

Work-friendly cafe to catch a ray
Once your attention has been caught by the blue colors, you’ll see that the interior style is a combination of industrial and rustic. It looks clean, fresh, and modern.
This feels inviting to anyone who’s looking for a work-friendly cafe or a moment to catch some rays on the terrace.

Order, pay & take your tray
You have to order at the counter, pay, and then they’ll give you your tray. Looking to just get a takeaway? That’s possible too. Gosh, such a beautiful rhyme. If you need the Wifi password, simply ask, and you’re ready to work with a delicious piece of pastry in your mouth. 

Cheap breakfast menus & pastries
As you’ve probably already expected, there are lots of tasty options. Pastries, bread, coffee, they have it all. They also offer plant-based milk such as almond or soy.
The prices are very low. A basic breakfast menu costs €2,20 and a richer breakfast menu costs €3,90. The menus mostly consist of: a pastry, toast, coffee, and a glass of juice. Is it even worth it to have breakfast at home?! 

I swear I heard these pastries whisper my name …

My favorites
I think it’s quite obvious what my top favorite is: the Napolitana de jamón York y queso.
So what exactly is it? A Napolitana is a puff pastry. Jamón York is cooked ham and queso is cheese. If you’ve ever eaten a ham and cheese croissant, you’re gonna love this.
My other favorites are the mini croissants, chocolate napolitanas, and the paninis. Try it for yourself and hopefully you’ll see what I mean.
Trust this Dutch woman who worked in a bakery-cafe when she says that Fornelino has lots of delicious loaves of bread as well.
I’m not a big coffee drinker, even though I was a barista in the past, but I do like to sip a cup of coffee every now and then. In fact, every time I go to this place I drink a cup of coffee. It’s good!

Busiest moments of the day
You can find lots of locals here and we love being around the locals! But this also means that you have to be prepared to wait in line if you’re planning to go around Almuerzo or Merienda. Two of the typical Spanish mealtimes and the busiest moments of the day at Fornelino. However, it’s totally worth it and let’s not forget: we’re in Spain... which means you should never go somewhere if you’re in a rush, people take things easy here. I think that’s a very good thing, not always, but in general, it’s one of the things I love the most about the Spanish lifestyle. Spaniards know how to enjoy life and food is a big part of that. Man, I moved to the right country ;-)

How cute is the little “parking spot” for dogs?!

Free advice

  • If you wanna take your dog with you, note that they’re not allowed to be inside. You can either sit on the terrace or attach their leash to the hooks outside. 
  • If you’re looking to avoid the busy moments, don’t go during Spanish mealtimes.
  • Want to make sure to get a hand on your favorite pastries? Go before Almuerzo.
  • You can even get some treats for a cheaper price. How? They sometimes offer what’s left on the app To Good To Go.

Location & opening hours
They are located in two different places. 

Ruzafa - Address: Carrer del Consolat del Mar 4
Click here to view the opening hours.

Peris y Valero - Address: Av. de Peris i Valero 157
Click here to view the opening hours.

Contact details
Facebook: Fornelino
Instagram: @fornelino1
Website: https://fornelino.com

I’d say: “Fornelino? Forneli-YES!” 

Un abrazo,


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