I remember my first time in Valencia really well, it was in the Summer of 2016 when the city wasn’t that popular amongst tourists yet. As we were walking through the quiet streets of Ruzafa (I know, can you imagine?!), my friend took me to this bakery-cafe: Dulce de Leche. An absolute pastry paradise for hipsters. I realized: I didn’t just fall in love with the city, I fell in love with an Oreo Cheesecake too.

was staying over at my friend’s house in Ruzafa for a couple of days, in Calle Cuba to be exact. This is usually a very lively street, but in 2016 Valencia wasn't that popular yet. Also, it was Summer. So, you can probably imagine how quiet it was! However, I immediately fell in love with the city and its neighborhood Ruzafa. As if that wasn’t enough already, my friend took me out for breakfast at a really cute bakery-cafe: Dulce de Leche. I thought: “this is pastry paradise for hipsters.” There weren’t many trendy cafes at that time, so Dulce de Leche was quite unique.

A piece of cake
Okay, so it’s obvious that I was sold by the interior. But what about the food? Well, my friend and I had a delicious breakfast menu with a fresh cup of coffee, some yogurt with granola, and a croissant. Ha, totally sold as well, and I hadn’t even tried their cakes yet! Imagine. Little did I know I was gonna live right around the corner of this cute little pastry paradise 1,5 years later. And little did I know that May and I would spend so many hours chatting over the perfect Oreo Cheesecake. I didn’t know I could fall in love so easily, not with May (sorry, I do love you May) but with the cake. Oh well, it was a piece of cake. 

Soaking up the sun and eating a Nutella-filled piece of cake. I could have died peacefully here.

Lots of great options
No matter where you are in Valencia,  there’s probably a Dulce de Leche close to you. Over the years they have become really popular. They have four different locations now and it’s mostly quite busy. They have lots of great options from delicious cakes and freshly baked croissants to homemade lemonades and a good cup of coffee. The atmosphere is relaxed, the staff works hard and they usually speak English really well.

Order at the counter
You have to order at the counter or through the QR code on the tables, pay, and then you’ll get a number. Once your order is done, they bring it to your table. Easy peasy lemon curd squeezy. 

Special orders
You can make special orders too, they have a delivery service and they are collaborating with To Good To Go.
For special orders and delivery services, you can check Dulce de Leche’s website.

Free advice: 

  • Order an Oreo Cheesecake or any other cake, your taste buds will thank you
  • If you’re sitting on one of their terraces during Winter, ask for a comfy blanket.
  • It’s mostly quite full and they don’t take reservations. So it’s wise to go before or after Spanish mealtimes.
  • You can order on Ubereats too, just look them up.
Mali was also craving the Oreo Cheesecake. No worries, we gave her some water;-) 

Locations & opening hours
Ruzafa - Address: Carrer del Pintor Gisbert 2
Click here to view the opening hours

Jesús - Address: C. de Jesús 71
Click here to view the opening hours 

Francia - Address: Av. de França 8
Click here to view the opening hours 

San Vicente - Address: C. de Sant Vicent Màrtir 52
Click here to view the opening hours

Contact details
Website: https://pasteleriadulcedeleche.com
@dulcedelecheboutique (Ruzafa & San Vicente)
@dulcedeleche.valencia (Jesús & Francia)

I can definitely say: this is my jam.

Un abrazo,


Feb 11, 2022
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