Ever wondered through the streets of Valencia and thought: “where do all these beautiful ceramics come from?” I know I have. Well, fun fact: our beloved city is not only the city of oranges and great paella …

alencia has some interesting architecture, that’s for sure. One of the things I love most about Valencian streets and houses are the characteristic Spanish tiles. A walk around the block is not just a “walk around the block”, it’s a feast for your eyes. Even if you walk through the most boring neighborhood, there’s always a hidden gem around the corner (I’ve said it before and will probably say it a hundred times more, it’s just so true).
It’s obvious that this city keeps on fascinating me, even after four years. 

An important international role 
Surprise, surprise: Valencia plays an important international role in the production of ceramics. Aha! No wonder the streets, stores, and houses are full of gorgeous ceramics.
The export of ceramic tiles is booming business, and it’s been going on for many years. In fact, 7000-year-old ceramics were found in different places in the province of Valencia, how cool is that?

The history behind Valencian ceramics
Now, let’s talk a bit about the history behind these pieces of art.
During the 18th century, the Royal Factory of Crockery in L’Alcora (Real Fábrica de Loza de L’Alcora) was founded. It totally transformed the town into the king of ceramics.
The special techniques that were used and the designs that were made in the factory completely changed the way ceramics had been produced up until that point.
But L’Alcora wasn’t the only place – this art form started to travel its way to other towns in the province of Valencia, such as Onda, Ribesalbes, Vilafamés, and later Manises.
In the 19th and 20th centuries, the popularity of ceramics continued to grow.
Valencian ceramic tiles began to be mass-produced. However, the quality and authenticity of the tiles had to be maintained, and that’s exactly what happened. 

It’s so fascinating to me that this is all man-made!
Photo by Chris Caines on Unsplash.

National museum of Ceramics
Can’t get enough of Valencia’s ceramics? Or do you simply wanna know more about the history? Then you should definitely visit Museo Nacional de Cerámica González Martí (the national museum of Ceramics). Not just because of the masterpieces you’ll get to see, oh no, there’s a big bonus: this museum is housed in a really impressive palace (Palacio del Marqués de Dos Aguas) that dates from the 18th century. You can find the largest national collection of ceramics here. So, what are you waiting for? ;-)

Ceramics workshops
Is your creative heart fluttering right now? Then I think it’s time for you to look for some fun ceramics workshops. There are plenty of talented Valencian artists who give these workshops – we’ve heard great stories from our friends.
We haven’t tried it out yet, so feel free to ask around in our Telegram group.
If you’ve made a little piece of art, please send us a picture and tell us about your experience, we would love to see what you’ve made. 


I hope Patrick Swayze is watching from above and helps people make even more beautiful ceramics. 

Un abrazo,


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