I grew up by the beach, so it’s probably no surprise that I can’t live without it. Guess what else I can’t live without? Valencia’s iconic Chiringuitos. We’ve only recently discovered Chiringuito Tres14Beach, but it’s already our favorite dog-friendly beach bar. The fact that we can bring our furry friends is not the only reason we love it. So, keep on reading, amigxs…

ne of the best things about spring and summer in Valencia is that the chiringuitos come back to life. They’re usually open from April until the end of September.
Yes, I have to live without Valencia’s iconic beach bars for a few months a year. My relationship with the beach is quite serious, so I’m not just there for a summer fling. However, going to the beach is ten times more exciting during those warm months – today you’ll understand why. 

What are chiringuitos?
-what? If you’ve been here for a while, you might have heard the word chiringuito a lot. 
are temporary beach bars, restaurants, or kiosks. In this case, we’re talking about beach bars or restaurants. To me, sipping a drink in my bikini with my toes in the sand while looking at the waves is one of the best feelings in the world. I already know what I’m gonna do when I’m retired ;-)
If you can’t go to the beach right now but do want to get into the chiringuito mood, listen to this famous Spanish song.

A secret path
Chiringuito Tres14Beach
is one of many beach bars in Valencia, but there are some things that make it stand out.
It’s located in Patacona – this area isn’t very popular (yet), which means you won’t find a lot of tourists there. We’ve only recently discovered this beach bar and we’ve been living here for 3,5 years, imagine. Our new little secret is not so secret anymore now though…

To get to this beach bar, you have to take a little walk. You can walk past the Alboraya Camping, through the Valencian version of the Bali rice fields. This will lead you to a little path that goes uphill. If you’re not up for that, you can just walk on the beach.
You definitely can’t miss this chiringuito, as it’s located on a little hill. Already feeling like you’re going on an adventure? 

The path that leads to little moments of beach joy

Simple, comfy, laid-back & fun
This beach bar is small, simple but charming, with a terrace that looks so comfy you just wanna let yourself drop on the bean bags and never move your body again. I love the simplicity of their style, it totally matches the laid-back (literally) atmosphere. During the weekends you can enjoy some live music too. 

In case you do feel like getting out of the bean bag and taking a dip in the ocean, you can go down the slide. Yes, they have a slide. How fun is that? I’m not sure if it was made for adults, but who cares? If you’re not a slide-person (does that even exist?), or don’t want to burn your bum because the slide has been soaking up the heat, just take the stairs, no pasa nada.

Menus, tapas & sandwiches
As this chiringuito is the daughter of the restaurant Tres14 Patacona, you can trust that the food is good. There are plenty of healthy options too, which is another thing you can’t easily find in beach bar menus. They serve tostadas (toasts), tapas, salads, cakes, fresh fruit, and a menú del día (day menu) for €14,70.
Besides that, they sell ice cream, popsicles, and alcoholic drinks. The drinks are a bit pricey, but that’s quite common in beach bars – it’s worth it, though ;-)

You can only order the menú del día from Mondays to Fridays and make a reservation before 12:00. You have to be with a minimum of 2 people.

If you’re with a big group and are planning to spend your day here, you can choose between two special menus too. You have to be with at least 10 people, and it’s necessary to make a reservation. You can do this at the bar or through WhatsApp. If you pay beforehand, you’ll get a 25 % discount. If you wanna cancel, you have to do this within at least 24 hours. 

For more information about their prices and menus, please check out their Instagram.

Noia had the time of her life

Free advice

  • If you’re by car, park it close to the Alboraya camping. It can be challenging to find a spot, so I’d advise you to make use of the public parking lot where you can park your car for €3,-. This is located next to the camping. Keep in mind that they only accept cash.
  • If you do wanna park your car elsewhere and need some tips, read our parking guide.
  • There are a few bus stops in Patacona. Click here to get more information about public transportation.
  • If you want to go by Valenbisi or Yego, please check if Patacona is located in the permitted areas, as that changes sometimes. 
  • Dogs are only allowed on the terrace. You can easily find some spots in the shade for them – we want them to stay cool, not turn into hot dogs, right? ;-) 
  • It usually gets crowded in the afternoon around 17:00, so if you want to have a spot, go a bit earlier. 

Location & opening hours
Av. Mare Nostrum 52
Click here to view the opening hours. 

Contact details:
Chiringuito Tres14Beach

Chiringuitos: I can’t live, if living is without you (okay, in summer).

Un abrazo,


Mar 18, 2022
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