Do you feel like you need to take a little time for yourself? What that looks like is different for everyone, but if you’re interested in holistic health, Centro Semilla is definitely worth visiting. Recharge your battery and find your center. How? Read ahead…

n 2020, we took one of our friends to Centro Semilla for a singing bowl session. I’d always wanted to go but never did – which was surprising as I was on a spiritual journey since I was 14 years old. I had always been very intuitive and was so interested in the mystery of life: the interactions with other people, my own mind and emotions and how that affected my body and emotional well-being, the events that happened (good and bad), the little miracles, and so on. I wanted to know all about it. 
I had many different beliefs, read many books, and tried many different things. It was super interesting and it definitely helped me to heal and grow. After many years, my beliefs and my perspective on spirituality changed. That’s the cool thing about it: there are no rules and only you know what works for you, what’s true for you, and what feels right.

A supportive community of like-minded, certified teachers
Now, before I tell you more about the singing bowl session, let me tell you something about the people from Centro Semilla.
It’s a supportive community of like-minded, certified teachers aiming to help you on an inner quest, give direction back to your life and live more consciously. 
They offer services such as classes, different kinds of therapies, massages, workshops, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and massage courses. Their schedule does change from time to time, so do check that before you go. 

I’ve always been a big fan of the holistic approach, which is focused on the belief that everything is connected: the physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects of us. If one is out of balance, it affects the other ones. 

A big collection of singing bowls ready to be played with.

Singing bowl session
Centro Semilla
is quite small, but I like that. It felt personal, cozy, and comfortable, which is important to me when you’re about to have such an intimate and vulnerable experience as a singing bowl session.
The lady who hosted it was really sweet, welcoming, warm, and open. She gave a clear explanation of what was going to happen and created a safe space for us.
I was struggling with some things and was excited to find out if this session would have any effect on me.

We rolled out our mats, laid down, and started with a little meditation. Then, she slowly started playing with the singing bowls and I could feel the vibrations. She spoke some comforting words in a gentle voice, which made me feel at home.
There were a lot of emotions stuck in my body and it felt like the vibrations of the singing bowls were pulling that out of me. I started crying my eyes out and it felt safe to do so. It was such a relief and a beautiful experience.
After the session, there were tears, smiles, warm hugs, and comforting talks between strangers. It was truly beautiful. I felt so zen afterward, I was really glad I did it.

Free advice

  • You always have to make a reservation, so do that on time through their website or Facebook page.
  • Check the description of the events to make sure you come prepared. Sometimes you need to wear comfy clothes, bring a water bottle, etc. Some people ask for donations and some people have a set rate. If they do ask for donations, don’t skip it and give them what you think it’s worth. 
What's your favorite self-care practice?
Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash

Location & opening hours
Carrer de Sueca 58
Click here to view the opening hours

Contact details
Centro Semilla
: Centro Semilla Holistic Centre
: @centrosemillavlc

Whether you’re going through a hard time or just want to take good care of yourself, we hope you can find comfort, connection, and support at Centro Semilla

Un abrazo,


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