Do you know that TLC show: Extreme Couponing? I would definitely be one of their couponing queens, who doesn’t like a good discount? It’s probably no surprise that I love going sale shopping and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Grab your agendas and take notes, because today I'll share the best moments of the year to go sale shopping in Valencia.

ale shopping is one of the best and most fun things you can do for your wallet if you do it wisely. Have you been wanting to buy a special item for some time? Are you on a budget? Or do you simply want to save some money so you can explore the most awesome places in Valencia? Practice a bit of patience and wait for the rebajas aka sales, trust me, it’s worth it.

Discounts up to 70 %
You might find some special offers here and there, but sales in Spain are carefully regulated – that’s why it’s important to know when you can go sale shopping like crazy. I mean, there will be discounts up to 70 %, doesn’t that sound like music to your ears? You’ll be bombarded with the word rebajas, so it’s impossible to miss it.
January and July are the best months to grab your new pants, but there’s more!

Photo by Thom Bradley on Unsplash

Winter season sales 
The three kings leave some great discounts behind – thanks guys, we appreciate it.
Winter sales start on the 7th of January and last until the end of February. You might find some majestic offers ;-) 

Summer season sales
If you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of extra sweat, then it’s a great idea to go shopping in Summer.
Summer sales start on the 1st of July and last until the 31st of August.
I’d say: “shop ‘til you drop” (but please don’t faint, stay hydrated).

Black Friday
You’ve probably heard of this special day before. I’m actually surprised the Spaniards haven’t translated this into their own word yet. Just like Halloween, Black Friday was imported from the US. It traditionally falls on the fourth Friday of November.
If you don’t like crowds, it’s probably not the best idea to go shopping on this day, but if you do like discounts… it might be worth pushing through.

Free advice

  • Wanna avoid crowds? Hit the stores during Spanish mealtimes and/or on workdays. 
  • Bonaire, big mall just a bit outside of the city, has an outlet. Discounts all year round, oh yeah baby. 
  • Buy your Christmas gifts on Black Friday to save a lot of money.
  • Visit malls such as Aqua and Saler, if you want a convenient shopping session. 
  • Have a stroll on the main shopping street: Calle Colón.
  • Go to El Corte Inglés, the biggest department store chain in Spain. They have basically everything. 
  • Boutiques and vintage shops also offer discounts during the sale seasons.

Will you give it a shop? Ehhh, I mean shot. 

Un abrazo,


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