The name of this organization would make you think that it has something to do with an underground party scene, but this is definitely not the case. Over the years, TheBasement parties have become very popular - just like Harry Potter when he came out of the cupboard under the stairs. TheBasement is the dealer every house music lover needs. Yes, you read that right. So, what’s the deal then? Well, if you wanna know more about the best house music parties and events in Valencia, stick around …

his organization fulfills my desire to put on my party pants and dance my butt off on some good old house music every single time. If there’s one dealer I would contact, it’s a house music dealer. Guess what? These guys call themselves: house music dealers. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, let me tell you this: they mix house with disco. Ooooooh yeah baby, sign me up. 

What is TheBasement?
So what is Thebasement exactly? This is the story they’ve shared on their website (disclaimer: you might get really excited):
“TheBasement is not a party.TheBasement is a project created by a group of restless minds born in the 80’s with the desire to offer a new approach to the events of their hometown, Valencia, and within their possibilities, of any city, country, or galaxy that lends itself.
We are a multidisciplinary, collaborative, technologically informed, and culturally connected team. Musical mavericks, addicted to trying and doing. Always our way, always with the know-how to make the coast unique. Our coast, bathed by the Mediterranean and awarded with an unbeatable climate.
We want music to go beyond sound and become an idea, an aesthetic, an experience. We take care of every detail to make this happen.
Quality electronic rhythms are our leitmotif (leading motive). Whether on our weekly radio show, on a Día de Campo, or by the sea. And if you give us a little time, we'll be wherever you least expect it.”

Dang, I wish I wrote their story! If this doesn’t sound like music to your house-loving ears, then I don’t know what does. 

Photo by Marcela Laskoski on Unsplash

Why we love TheBasement parties & events
We’ve been to many Basement parties and events, surprising, right? ;-) There’s no doubt that we love the music, but what else makes us such big fans? 
Well, there’s always a laid-back vibe, which makes it easy to connect with strangers. We’ve definitely made some new friends while dancing the night away, that’s a total bonus if you ask me. 
Besides that, these guys organize parties and events in really cool venues, or just on the streets! We love both and are always in for a surprise, so: match!
My favorite parties were at: Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Palau de la Música, Veles e Vents, and Centre Del Carme Cultura Contemporania (which is a cultural center in a former 13th-century convent). Need I say more?!

Big festivals
The guys from TheBasement like to think big as well. They organize two big festivals a year: Días de Campo and Big Sound Festival.

Días de Campo is a three-day festival where music, art, and gastronomy come together in the beautiful mountains of Montanejos. I think we can state that May is the unofficial ambassador of this festival. She talks about it at least a couple of times a year, trying to convince everyone she knows to join her. Enthusiastic, much? 

Big Sound Festival is the biggest festival in the history of the city of Valencia. TheBasement isn’t only here for us when we’re in need of a good portion of house music. Whoever likes hip-hop, reggaeton, Latin trap, R&B, and pop, will be at the right address here. Some of the scene’s biggest names will hop on the stage: Bad Bunny, Nicky Jam and Becky G. Get ready to twerk, amigxs.

Photo by Aditya Chinchure on Unsplash

Free advice

  • If you want to throw your own Basement party at home, put on their Spotify playlists.
  • Follow their Instagram page to stay updated about their events. Sometimes they do special giveaways, so it’s definitely worth following them! 
  • Sometimes you have to pay an entrance fee and sometimes you don’t, so make sure to check their events. If you do have to pay, buy tickets beforehand, that’s cheaper. 

Contact details
Instagram: @thebasementsound
Facebook: theBasement

No matter where in Valencia you are, their basement is your basement ;-)

Un abrazo,


Feb 10, 2022
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