There’s no such thing as a long winter in Valencia, and snow is a rare phenomenon here. However, it does get pretty cold. Yes, those words are coming from me, a Dutch woman. Ever heard the phrase: “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”? That totally applies to central heating. However, it’s possible to survive the winters without it and today I’m gonna tell you how. Trust me, I wish someone had given me a guide before I moved here.

moved to Valencia in January 2018. I took all my belongings with me, except for most of my winter clothes. I figured I would only need a few pieces if wanted to travel somewhere outside of Spain. Boy, was that a mistake.
There I was, trying to sleep under a little sheet, wearing socks, a sweater, sweatpants, and a bathing robe because my duvet hadn’t arrived yet. I was shivering all night as I could feel a little cold breeze coming through the windows. Hmm, lovely. It’s probably no surprise that I wasn’t in the best mood that night. I don’t get cold easily, so when I do, it means it’s really cold. How come I wasn’t prepared for this? Why didn’t anybody warn me about this?

Coldest months of the year
Winters in Valencia are relatively mild – December, January, and February are the coldest months of the year, with temperatures around 17 °C during the day and 7–8 °C at night. Sounds reasonable, right? That’s what I thought too, but I forgot about the humidity and wind. I also completely forgot about central heating, which most Spanish houses have never seen. If you do have central heating here, you should thank the higher forces on your bare knees. It’s one thing to feel cold outside, but not being able to warm up inside your house? That’s absolutely no fun. Luckily it’s just for 3 months a year, and there are definitely ways to make this phase comfier, warmer and cozier. Bear with me!

  1. Get yourself some woolen socks & slippers.
    I love the authentic Spanish tile floors and they’re great in Summer to keep your feet cool. However, during winter this can make you feel extra cold at home.
    Warm, woolen socks and slippers help to fight this problem. Stock up on them during the winter sales.
  1. Wear warm clothing & layer up.
    This is pretty obvious, but I’m still gonna share it. If you wanna get comfy at home, wear things such as fleece and woolen sweaters, sweatpants, and embarrassing onesies.
    If you’re going outside, it can be tricky to choose what to wear as temperatures can change a lot throughout the day. So I say: layer up! In that way you can take something off in case it gets too warm. I usually put on my winter jacket or coat as well. 
  1. Invest in a good duvet.
    Even if you just need it for a couple of months a year, it’s really worth investing in a good duvet that keeps you warm. A good night’s sleep is important, so why not invest in that?
Need an excuse to stay in bed all day? Just blame the cold!

  1. Buy a rug
    I love big rugs and I cannot lie. No, but seriously, I love sinking my feet into a warm, soft rug. So if you don’t have one already, buy a rug. It’s a great excuse to add a little more character and/or color to your home ;-) 
  1. Electric heaters
    There isn’t a single person I know here who doesn’t have an electric heater. If you don’t want to shiver the night away, you should definitely buy one. Do keep in mind that you probably need a few of these in your house, as they’re usually only able to warm up small areas. You can find great offers at Mediamarkt or you can just buy them second-hand on Wallapop.
  1. Take a hot bath
    If you’re so lucky to have a bathtub, can I come over? No, just kidding, but I’m jealous. Burn some incense, put on some soothing music, and take a relaxing hot bath. 
  1. Netflix & cuddle
    Cuddle up with your friends, pet, date, or partner. Grab a comfy blanket, make yourselves a hot chocolate, put on a good Netflix show, and cuddle the day away. Netflix & cuddle? I would never say no to that.
  1. Go do some fun activities
    Whenever you can, make sure to soak up the sun. Is it cold and rainy? Go do some other fun activities – read this blog post for lots of tips.
  1. Stay moisturized & apply sunscreen
    Would I be myself if I wouldn’t share a skincare tip?
    During winter our skin has different needs than in Summer, so change your routine a little and don’t forget to stay moisturized. One of the most important things besides moisturizing, no matter what time of year it is: apply sunscreen every day, yes even when it’s rainy or cloudy. Thank me later ;-) 

To be honest, I really like the coziness of the cold months, being able to cuddle up on the couch with a comfy blanket, wearing my favorite sweaters, and sipping on some hot chocolate. But, I’m still glad the cold leaves us after 3 months. What about you? Let us know! 

Un abrazo,


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