Being a pet owner is great fun, but sometimes our little friends need help. Can you and your pet use some comforting words? I feel you, even though I’m just a dog step(h) mom, I know how important it is to communicate clearly with your veterinarian. Now, if your Spanish isn’t that great, it’s best to look for an English-speaking vet. And have I got some good news for you: the people from Upendi Clínica Veterinaria speak English and offer wonderful service. Keep reading if you need to leave your little friends in good hands…

y stepdog Noia (the dog of my ex-roommate) was struggling with Fallas, the biggest street festival in Europe. As you may know, Fallas is one big fiesta of fireworks. Throughout the day you’ll hear huge explosions and this is not fun for dogs at all. Noia was really scared and my roommate and I wanted to do everything we could to make it a little easier for her as we couldn’t leave the city. She also had some skin problems so we definitely needed to go to a vet. 

We found Upendi Clínica Veterinaria online and immediately called them. We asked if they spoke English and they put us through. The lady was super kind and spoke perfect English. We explained the situation and they told us we could come straight away. 

Clear & friendly communication 
When we arrived, the ladies were just as friendly as we expected. We didn’t have to wait and they gave a little treat to Noia, they were so sweet to her. Their English was very good so we were able to communicate very clearly – that’s really important when you have to deal with things like this, of course. It feels much more comfortable to communicate in a language you speak fluently. Not everyone at the clinic speaks English, but there’s always someone who does, so you never have to worry about that. Just ask: “Hablas inglés?

They examined Noia, explained very clearly what kind of medicine they were gonna prescribe her and how we could solve some other problems. 

I didn’t mind waiting here, I mean… how cozy is this?! 

Quick & easy registration
After the consult, we started the registration process. This is not mandatory, by the way. 
It was quick, easy, and again, they explained everything really well. We asked a lot of questions and they were more than happy to answer all of them. They told us about their health insurance and explained that once you have one, they will call you for check-ups so you don’t have to think about that yourself. You can choose between basic or premium. If you want to make use of the services that aren’t included in the basic package, you can just pay on the spot. 

They offer lots of different services. I will list them down below. For more information, please check their website.

General medicine: Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of all types of pathologies

Feline medicine: Specialized diagnostics and spaces only for cats

Preventive medicine: Disease prevention 

General surgery: Operating room equipped for all types of interventions

Hospitalization: Hospital rooms with maximum comfort

Clinical analysis: They have their own fully equipped laboratory

Diagnostic Medical Imaging: Digital radiography equipment for complementary tests

Hair salon: Hairdressing service both aesthetic and therapeutic

Specialty store: Toys, nutrition, accessories, and more.

Specialty store in the clinic. That’s pawesome ;-) 

Free advice

  • Just send them a message on WhatsApp or give them a call, that’s the quickest and easiest way to get an appointment. Keep in mind that there are two separate phone numbers. 
  • Ask all the questions you need, they’re very patient. 
  • There’s a little play corner for kids, so you can take your kids with you.
  • Check out their blog for helpful tips and interesting posts.

Location & opening hours
: Carrer de Martí 15
Please click here to view the opening hours

Contact details
Upendi Clínica Veterinaria
Whatsapp: +34 689 971 317
Phone number
: +34 961 023 506

We had a very positive experience and are not going anywhere else, that’s for sure.

Un abrazo,


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