How do you find a job in a foreign country when you don’t speak the language? Seems like a challenge, doesn’t it? But here’s the thing - if you’re willing to try different things and keep an open mind, then it’s definitely possible to find a job in Valencia. Of course, you’ll have more opportunities if you speak Spanish, but if you don’t, there are enough options too. Let’s get to work, friends.

ou really don’t need much to live a good life in Valencia, there are plenty of foreigners here who’d confirm that. However, you do need money. Now, you might have a bunch of savings or maybe you’re part of a royal family - but you’re reading this blog post for a reason, right? So, you’re either looking for a job or you wanna explore your options. Let me warn you: some people are gonna tell you that it’s difficult to find a job here (been there, done that), but I totally disagree. It really depends on what you’re willing to do, how much you want to earn, and if you’re open to trying new things. Hey, an open mind is everything ;-) If you don’t speak Spanish, don’t panic - there are enough possibilities.

First things first - it’s important to know that it’s very common in Valencia to find work through word-of-mouth and networking. So get out there and make new connections. If you don’t know where to start, why not join one of our events? You could even create one yourself. Or maybe you feel more comfortable sharing a message in our Telegram group. Whatever suits you best, just don’t limit your job search to ads. 

Another important thing to know is that Spaniards are not big fans of e-mails and contact forms, so don’t just rely on that - you’ll be waiting forever. It’s perfectly okay to hand out your CV in person, in fact, it’s very normal here. You’ll make a great first impression too. 

Ready to explore your career choices? 

International companies
There are plenty of international companies that are based in Valencia. These companies usually need a multilingual team. I know people who’ve started their careers in customer services, marketing, graphic design, sales, and IT. Some of them have made promotions and are managers now, while others have chosen a different path - but it definitely helped them create a network and gain new experiences. So, just Google for international companies in Valencia, and you’ll find plenty of them.

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As our beloved city is getting more and more popular, the job opportunities for those who want to work in hospitality, are growing.

Tourguide: it can be tempting to start your own tours, but this is not allowed unless you have a permit. However, there are plenty of bike rental shops that offer tours. These companies are usually looking for tour guides, so take your CV with you and grab your chance.

Receptionists: there are plenty of hotels that are in desperate need of multilingual receptionists. This might require you to speak a bit of Spanish, but that’s not always the case. Just give it a go. 

Wait staff: if you want to challenge yourself and up your Spanish game - become a waiter or waitress. Restaurant owners would be more than happy to hire you in popular areas such as El Carmen and Ruzafa. There are a bunch of tourists and expats wandering around and as you know, Spanish people are still working on their English, so it’s absolutely a bonus if you speak English. 

English teaching
I never thought I would become an English teacher for kids, and yet here I am. I absolutely love it (besides copy & content writing, of course). I did have a lot of experience teaching, but I had never taught English. So, you can definitely get a job without a certificate or specific experience. It’s a little harder as the competition is high, but it’s possible. I mean, you have to start somewhere, right? Just make sure you’re enthusiastic and willing to grow as a teacher. Some schools offer free training, this is great because courses can be a little expensive. 

Teaching English is booming business in Valencia, that’s not the reason why I decided to do it though, but it’s a very pleasant bonus. Whether you want to teach kids, teens, or adults (or maybe all of them), you’ll find a teaching job that suits you. You can choose to work for a bilingual nursery, language school, offer your own private lessons (you’d have to become a freelancer if you want to do that), work for a tutoring company, or teach English online. 

There is a big community of English teachers here, you can find most of them in the Facebook group: English Teachers in Valencia. Ask anything you want, and you’ll get some great advice for sure.

Keep in mind that most contracts end in June, as the Summer holiday starts around that time. Most schools offer you a new contract in September or October. October is usually the time when people are ready to pick it up again. Some schools offer Summer camps though, but that’s usually just for kids. 

Teaching the alphabet doesn’t have to be boring!

Remote work / relocate
If there’s one positive thing Covid has brought us, it’s the possibility to work remotely. Remote work has become very popular, and as we know now: it’s not just for entrepreneurs. Some companies allow you to relocate. You might not have thought about it, but why not ask? If you see possibilities, just give it a try, you won’t be the first one ;-)

Babysitting/nanny services
Did you know that kids are the purest, most authentic little humans in the world? If you love kids as much as I do and want to earn some extra cash, the Facebook group: English Speaking Babysitters in Valencia, is your best friend. Many families are looking for an English-speaking person who can take care of their children and play with them. Make sure you write a good post and add a nice picture so people will notice you. Once you’ve started working for your first family, you’ll see how fast your network can grow. You’ll usually get paid in cash as you don’t sign a contract. Some families do offer this, though, but it’s very rare. Many people consider it as a side gig, so if you want to have a professional job as a nanny, Google for some nanny agencies in Valencia.

Last but not least - check websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor.The Facebook group: Expat Jobs Valencia could be useful too. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, contact a recruitment agency. You’ll meet with a recruiter who'll suggest a position based on your experience and interests.

Honestly, word of mouth still works best here in Valencia - that’s how we grew our network :-) So if you need our help and have any questions, just send us a message, that’s what we’re here for! 

Un abrazo,


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