Have you ever tried Lebanese cuisine? If not, make sure to try Beirut Restaurantes’ delicacies. These restaurants definitely belong to our list of favorites and have been one of the most popular Lebanese in Valencia since 1995. You’re not gonna want to miss this…

eirut Restaurantes was one of our first favorite spots in Valencia. I remember spending at least one night a week in this restaurant with my friends. I had never tried some proper Lebanese dishes before, but I absolutely fell in love with them. So let’s get into what Lebanese cuisine actually is.

What is Lebanese cuisine?
Lebanese cuisine is famous for its rich mixture of products and ingredients such as olive oil, herbs, spices, fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, whole grains, fish, and meat. Sounds fantastic and pretty healthy to me!
There are so many options for vegetarians as well as meat and fish lovers, so it’s easy to enjoy this cuisine with a group of people who have different preferences. 
One thing that is very popular worldwide is Mezze, which is a variety of thirty hot and cold dishes. Sounds a bit like tapas, right? 
Something else you should know is that pita bread is an essential (and delicious) part of every meal and the pastries are to die for. If this sounds pleasing to you, you know where to go now.

Traditional Lebanese dishes since 1995
A long time ago, the people from Beirut Restaurantes decided to take a leap of faith and go on a family adventure. Their mission was to introduce Lebanese gastronomy to Spanish culture. Since 1995, they serve traditional Lebanese dishes and with success – they continue to grow and have three restaurants now. Their passion for Lebanese cuisine has brought them this far. Applause for their hard work, and applause for their dishes, of course ;-)

We love special menus – who doesn’t? – we often go for the mediodías (lunch menus).
On weekdays from 13:00 to 16:00, except for holidays, the lunch menus are €13,-
It includes a starter, main course, drink, dessert, or a cup of coffee. You can choose between a couple of dishes.
We usually choose the salad Fatuch (a fresh salad with cabbage, cucumber, radish, tomato, onion, parsley, and pieces of crispy Lebanese bread), a bocadillo/enrollado de shawarma mixto (a pita bread wrap with veal, lamb, tomato, onion, parsley, and sesame sauce) and a lovely dessert called Charlotte (chocolate cake made with vanilla, cookies, and grated coconut).

If you wanna see more menus, please click here.

Have you ever tried falafel? If not, head to Beirut Restaurantes as fast as you can. 

Our favorites
We’ve got more favorites! Writing about these always makes me really hungry and I have a big urge to just run towards the restaurant now, but hey we’ve got work to do. So, here’s a little list: 

Patatas Byblos: fries with chicken strips and salsa de Granada (a typical Arabic sauce).

Hummus: this speaks for itself, but their hummus is truly amazing. 

Emtabal: eggplant pate.

Falafel: This is one of the best falafels I’ve eaten in Valencia. This one is accompanied by sesame sauce. 

Fatayer Yubne: little empanadas with cottage cheese.

Free advice

  • Their menus are available in English too, so just ask for it if you’re more comfortable with that. 
  • They offer delivery and takeaway services too, yay! 
  • Do check out their special offers during the weekend while you’re at the restaurant, they have weekend menus too. 
  • If you’re with friends, share your starters so you can explore more of the Lebanese cuisine and order different things.

Location & opening hours
They’re located in 3 different places. 

Alameda - Address: Passeig de l'Albereda 50

Click here to view the opening hours.

Ruzafa - Address: Carrer de Mossèn Femenia 12

Click here to view the opening hours.

Aragón - Address: Carrer de Felip Maria Garín 4 

Click here to view the opening hours.

Contact details
Beirut Restaurantes

I don’t know about you, but this Lebanese brings me to my knees. 

Un abrazo,


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