The human body is made up of over 70 % water, I’m pretty sure mine is made up of over 70 % pizza. Okay, I’m being dramatic over here, but I really do love pizza. Guess what? I’ve found 1-meter long, mouthwatering, Neapolitan pizzas. Yes, heaven on earth exists.

nce upon a time, a friend of ours asked us the magical question: “Do you wanna go to this italian restaurant which is famous for its 1-meter long Neapolitan pizzas?” 
My eyes started to twinkle, my heart started to beat faster, my knees became weak. Was this really happening? Does this even exist?
I slapped myself in the face and said: “before I get too excited (as if I wasn’t way too excited already), I have to try it out first.” So, May and I made our way to Viva Napoli as fast as we could. And my oh my, was that one of the best pizza experiences in our lives. 

A typical trattoria with a unique concept 
Viva Napoli
is a typical Italian trattoria, it’s small and has a simple interior. As the waiters welcome you with open arms and a big smile, you feel like you’ve just been invited to an Italian family dinner. In fact, you can see the chef doing his magic with the stone oven. I love that, it’s the real Italian experience for me. Once we were ready to check out what Viva Napoli’s unique concept was all about, we ordered one of their 1-meter long pizzas. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had never seen this before. 
Then it was time to taste this miraculous thing and … holy mother of Neapolitan pizzas, this was so delicious. I don’t know their secret, but I do know that all pizzas are made according to the traditional recipe of Neapolitan pizza and are baked in a stone oven with wood fire. Was I super enthusiastic again? Yes. For good reasons? Of course. Did we eat the entire pizza? You bet we did ;-) 

Excited, hungry, and ready to attack.

Different sizes
We know that one size doesn’t fit all. If you start panicking by the idea of having to digest a 1-meter long pizza, don’t worry friend. There are different sizes to choose from. Just take a look at their menu or ask for the options, the waiters will be more than happy to give you the best recommendations.

Delivery and takeaway services
What’s better than going to Viva Napoli? Devouring one of their huge pizzas at home when you’re feeling lazy, of course. 
You can order through Ubereats but they also offer takeaway services. Just give them a call or check out their social media. 

Free advice:

  • Make a reservation, especially during the weekends. There are just a few tables and this place is very popular in Valencia. 
  • If your stomach can handle a little more, order their Tiramisu. You won’t regret it.
  • You can check out their menu beforehand, it’s on their Instagram. This might be helpful if you have any allergies, intolerances, or special preferences. 
  • The prices are very budget-friendly, but if you want to make it even friendlier for your wallet, share a big pizza with your friends. It’s the cheapest option.  

Location & opening hours
Carrer de la Reina 60
Click here to view the opening hours

Contact details
Viva Napoli Valencia

Say it with me: “Viva Napoli, Viva la Pizza!”

Un abrazo,


Feb 16, 2022
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