We all know that Valencia is a colorful city, right? But have you also noticed the rainbow flags hanging all around the city? Yeah, in Valencia being part of the LGBTQ+ community is definitely celebrated. This city has a very vibrant gay scene too. There are lots of gay bars, clubs, and saunas. As you can probably imagine, Valencia Gay Pride is one of the biggest events of the year. But there’s more to it… ready for an amazing celebration?

alencia Gay Pride is one of my favorite events of the year. First of all, I believe it’s incredibly important to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community, and second: it’s a LOT of fun. A true celebration of authentic and unique people who are not afraid to be themselves, who doesn’t wanna join that?!
But before we say: “fiestaaaa”,  let’s find out what we’re actually celebrating! 

What LGBTQ+ and the colors of the flag stand for
LGBTQ+ is the term that’s being used the most, it stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and others. The plus represents other sexual identities. However, the newest and most inclusive term is LGBTQIA+. This term stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, pansexual, and allies. The plus here also represents other sexual identities.

As a heterosexual woman, I obviously can’t speak for the LGBTQIA+ community. I can only speak from what I’ve seen, heard, and experienced. But, I do think they need to use the new flag. Yes, with a new term comes a new flag. It’s called the Progress Pride Flag. It was created in 2018 by digital designer Daniel Quasar. Black, brown, light blue, pink, and white joined the rainbow family. We already know that the rainbow colors represent the LGBTQ+ community, so what do the new colors represent? And what do the other colors stand for anyway?

  • Red: life
  • Orange: healing
  • Yellow: sunlight
  • Green: nature
  • Blue: serenity
  • Purple: spirit
  • Black & brown: represent people of color and the unique challenges they face.
  • Light blue, pink & white: represent trans people.

I’m ready to wave that flag, friends! 

Photo from Pixabay

An amazing celebration
I have to be very honest with you: May and I went to Valencia Gay Pride only twice (due to Rona aka Covid, we haven’t been able to celebrate it again) and we completely missed the parade both times. We arrived perfectly in time for the party at Plaza del Ayuntamiento, though. Phew, relief! Doing make-up while having drinks and putting studs on your face is time-consuming, you know.
The fiesta on the plaza is so much fun! It’s usually completely full of people and you can just feel that everyone is welcome. It really is a huge and amazing celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community. Throughout the night, there are different shows from performing artists: drag queens, DJs, dancers, and singers. We always dance our asses off, sing our lungs out and feast our eyeballs. Yeah, the outfits they wear are impressive!

We were definitely underdressed.

A very gay-friendly city
When I first got here, before I even went to the Valencian Gay Pride, I noticed that Valencia is a very gay-friendly city. There are lots of gay bars/clubs, you see rainbow flags and rainbow colored benches all around, gay couples and other people from the LGBTQIA+ community can walk on the streets without getting “the look” (most of the time). I mean, it’s ridiculous that I have to mention it, it should be like that everywhere… it should be normal. But unfortunately, that’s still not the case in many places of the world. Luckily, Valencia feels like a safe place for the LGBTQIA+ community, from what I’ve heard. That makes me really happy because I believe everyone should be accepted for who they are, no matter their sexuality, gender, or race. 

Location & dates
Valencia Gay Pride takes place every year at the end of June. For information about the exact times and dates, check this Facebook page: Valencia Pride.

The parade usually starts around 19:30, in the city center at Puerta de la Mar. The parade ends at Plaza Del Ayuntamiento where the pride party takes place: the Fiesta del Orgullo.

A whole month of pride celebrations
If you’re feeling sad because you need more than one day to celebrate, then I’m gonna make you very happy right now. The pride celebrations last over a whole month! Yes, you read that right. Throughout June, there is a LGBTQ+ film festival, there are concerts, book presentations, special theatre performances, and exhibitions. 

On the evening of the 28th June, several buildings will light up with the colors of the (old) flag to celebrate International LGBTQ+ Pride Day. I’m sure they’ll change the name of this day soon and I hope they’ll start using the colors of the new flag! 

Free advice (for when you’re going to the pride)

  • Bring a roll of toilet paper with you, no joke. It’s been our savior every single time we had to use those lovely Dixies. 
  • Buy some studs, glitter, face paint, and go all the way! If you love dressing up as much as I do, go find some awesome costumes. If there’s a moment do it, it’s now!
  • If you’re gonna bring your own drinks, make sure you put in plastic bottles and/or cups. It’s not allowed to bring glass with you.

If there's one thing that this community teaches us, it's that you have to be proud of who you are, no matter your sexuality, gender, color, size, or shape :-)
Tell us, what are you proud of?

Un abrazo,


Feb 1, 2022
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