Obvious fact: we’re huge fans of Valencia’s views. Whether we’re overlooking the historic center, the beautiful sea, or the incredible orange/purple sunsets, we love them all. One way to really enjoy those views is by going up to a roof. That’s a no-brainer, right? But what if you can sip on a drink while feasting your eyes and catching up with friends? Sounds even better to me! Today we’ll share our 5 favorite rooftop bars in Valencia, so you can enjoy drinks & gorgeous views at the same time.

ere’s a little disclaimer: you’re probably gonna bump into more posts about Valencia’s views here. We can’t help it, we just love them! However, there aren’t many rooftop bars to actually enjoy those views. Luckily we’ve found 6 good ones - well, that’s our point of view ;-) -  and we’re not gonna keep that secret to ourselves! 

  1. Blanq Terrassa
    Let’s start with one of Valencia’s treasures:  Blanq Carmen Hotel’s roof.
    This hotel is famous for its stylish rooftop terrace as well as its beautiful views of the Serrano Towers. But there’s much more that makes us love Blanq Terrassa…the laid-back atmosphere invites you to stay all day.
    Anyone who wants to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, a simple cup of coffee, or some good old cocktails, is more than welcome.
    There are a couple of things to keep in mind, though. This rooftop bar is closed from September to April and the pool is only available for hotel guests. 
    If you wanna know more about the hotel itself, read our blog post here.
  1. El Camarote & The Roof
    Do you like Valencia’s marina as much as we do? Then it’s time to meet El Camarote & The Roof. This rooftop bar overlooks the port and is the perfect place to watch the gorgeous sunsets while sipping on a delicious cocktail.
    For those of you who don't wanna sit still, there’s good news: live concerts and DJs are often on the menu. 
  1. La Terraza VLC Urban Club
    On top of Expo Hotel Valencia, you’ll find La Terraza VLC Urban Club. This rooftop bar is the only one that doesn’t really have a gorgeous view, but hey, there’s a different bonus! If you’re gonna go here during Summer, you can take a dip in their pool. Once you’re done swimming, order a drink and a classic salad, burger, or sandwich.
    Note that this rooftop bar is closed from October to May.
View from the Ático Ateneo Lounge. 
  1. Ático Ateneo Lounge
    Right next to Plaza Ayuntamiento, rooftop bar Ático Ateneo Lounge is there to give you one of the best views of the city. It’s located on top of the Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia and is one of the most popular ones in Valencia.
    In fact, we’ve dedicated an entire blog post to this rooftop bar, so have a read here. 

  1. La Terraza del Miramar Rooftop 
    This small and cozy hotel overlooks the beach of Las Arenas.
    Their rooftop terrace has a cocktail bar and is a total hot spot. Many people go here to have a drink or grab a bite while enjoying the gorgeous views of the sea.
    The cherry on (roof)top? This bar is open all year 'round and they host live music too. Anyone up for a boogie? ;-) 

To make things a little more convenient for you, we’ve created a Google Maps list with all of these 5 rooftop bars in Valencia. De nada!

Un abrazo,


Jul 8, 2022
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