Super affordable, delicious pizzas. Say those four words and I’ll come running to you with the speed of lightning. Do you and your taste buds feel the same? Then you’re gonna want to stick around...

’m a self-proclaimed ambassador of La Finestra and Festinar, I haven’t been able to stop talking about it for four years. Once I’m enthusiastic about something, you’ll know! Who ever came up with the idea to open these two restaurants, is probably related to Einstein.
So, let me tell you why I’m so enthusiastic. 

Laid-back atmosphere
Yes, the quality of the food is very important, but the atmosphere is just as important! You can have the best food in the world, but if the vibes are off who wants to be there? Exactly, no one. You won’t have that problem at La Finestra and Festinar, because it feels like you’re chilling in someone’s living room. I happen to love that coziness, lucky me ;-)
There’s a great and laid-back atmosphere, the staff is very friendly and there are always lots of different kinds of people. From tourists to locals and everything in between. We’re totally here for that. 

A different concept

Whether you want to have a drink, a snack, lunch, or dinner… It’s all possible.
The concept differs from most restaurants: you order some pizzas and drinks at the bar and they’ll bring it to your table. You eat whatever they serve, which is the most fun part of it, as it’s always a surprise what shows up at your table. If you’re a vegetarian or have some allergies, do let them know and ask for the options. 

Our favorites

If you don’t feel that adventurous, you can order from their menu too.  Our favorites are: provolone al horno (oven-baked Italian cheese. It’s the cousin of mozzarella) which sends my taste buds straight to heaven, a glass of Vermut, and if you add one of the desserts to it (they’re all delicious) such as cheesecake, then we could die peacefully. 

Mini pizzas and Vermut, what else do you need?

The best thing about all of this? The pizzas are only €2,50 each. Yes, you read that right, two … fifty! Say whaaaat? You would expect a not-so-tasty pizza, right? But nope, they are super tasty. The drinks are super affordable too: you pay €1,40 for a beer or a small glass of wine. Who’s running with me? 

The differences between the two
La Finestra is located in Ruzafa. This is the smallest of the two. Small, but cozy. There’s a little terrace.
Festinar is located in Cabanyal. This one is pretty big and has lots of plants (oh yeah, baby).
There’s a big terrace as well, so if you want to go with a big group and enjoy the sun, I would advise you to go to this one.

Are there Spaniards who don’t like sitting on a terrace, by the way? Because I haven’t met them yet.

Free advice

  • Both restaurants are very popular, so it’s a good idea to make a reservation or go there just a bit before Spanish mealtimes.
    Please note: you can only make reservations at Festinar. 
  • If you like to spice things up, pour a little of their spicy olive oil on your pizza, yum! 
  • Order all of their desserts (don’t worry, they’re small just like the pizzas) and share them with friends, so you can try them all out. You won’t regret it! 
If your wallet could do a happy dance, it would totally be dancing its butt off now.

Location & opening hours
La Finestra - Address: Carrer dels Vivons 16

Click here to check the opening hours.

Festinar - Address: Carrer del Dr. Lluch 46

Click here to check the opening hours.

Contact details
La Finestra:
Facebook: La Finestra Pizza cafe

Festinar Cabanyal

We hope you’ll enjoy these little pizza treats as much as we do. 

What are your Finestra/Festinar favorites? 

Un abrazo,


Jan 7, 2022
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