We totally dig botanical gardens (not in the literal sense of the word) and oh, lucky us… Valencia has a gorgeous one. When you visit Jardí Botànic, you might see two girls hugging a tree, I wonder why ...

e’re not just friends of Valencia, we’re also friends of plants. Okay, I must confess: we don’t really hug trees, but secretly we want to. Especially in Jardí Botànic, one of the botanical gardens of Valencia. Man, do they have some sexy vegetation over there! There’s a lot more to discover though. 

Medicinal plants, experiments & research
The official Valencian name of this botanical garden is Jardí Botànic de la Universitat de Valencia, that’s because it’s owned by the University of Valencia. In the sixteenth century, the university started to grow medicinal plants and continued until 1802. After that, they moved the garden to its current location. It has been and is still being used for research and experiments. 

More than 4500 species of flora
This green museum has a collection of more than 4500 species of flora from all over the world, isn’t that cool? I can barely tell the difference between a snake and an aloe vera plant, but hey, you can learn anything, right? If you’re a fan of all kinds of palm trees, cactuses, tropical plants, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens, you know where to go now ;-) 

I aspire to have plants as big as these in my living room.

Educational, cultural activities, and events
Speaking about learning: they host lots of fun, educational, cultural activities and events for kids as well as adults. Think of guided tours, gardening courses, yoga classes, art exhibitions, lectures, excursions, and small concerts. They even organize a summer camp for kids and have lots of activities to offer for big groups. For more information, check their agenda

Free access on special days
There’s free access on the following days:  

  • Día del árbol: 31st of January
  • Día de los museos y de la fascinación por las plantas: 18th of May
  • Día de la diversidad biológica: 22nd of May
  • Día del medio ambiente: 5th of June 

Adults: €2,50
Children under 7 years, adults over 65 years, and students with a student card have free access.

They offer more options and subscriptions, so please check that here.

Free advice

  • Want to learn more about the world of plants? Go visit their library and read the day way.
  • Respect the rules: don’t hug the trees and don’t touch the plants (we know you want to). This is a green museum, so, be on your best behavior.
  • Take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle, grab a takeaway coffee at Mayan Coffees and enjoy the beautiful views. 

Location & opening hours
Carrer de Quart 80
Click here to view the opening hours.

Contact details
Jardí Botànic de la Universitat de València

Sounds like a good… plan(t), doesn’t it? ;-) 

Un abrazo,


Apr 8, 2022
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