ay and I used to live right around the corner of this Turkish restaurant. We always got tempted to go for a quick drink, but guess what: we mostly ended up stuffing our faces with a kebab. How did we get there? And do we regret it? Absolutely not. In fact, I miss these times. They’ve probably been missing out on a lot of money since we moved (sorry guys).
So we decided to relive those memories and dang, it was good again. Are there any Turkish people with great cooking skills in our network? If so, we want to be your friend. 

Traditional Turkish dishes
Dede Turkish Restaurant
is not just a random kebab place where you go to if you have the munchies, oh no, it’s definitely much more than that. This restaurant has many great reviews and for good reasons. Their traditional Turkish dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients, the staff is super friendly and the prices are very low. I guess I could stop writing here, but that would be a crime. Let me share a bit more of my enthusiasm with you.

Plenty of choices
If you want to leave this restaurant feeling completely satisfied, you totally can. Whatever it is that you’re craving, there are plenty of choices: fresh salads, doner & durum kebabs, Turkish pizzas, falafel, meat dishes, baklava, and more. If you just want to grab a drink and learn more about Turkish traditions by using your taste buds, definitely try out these drinks: Té Turco (black tea), Té de Manzana (apple tea without theine), or Ayran (a refreshing yogurt drink). You’ve been warned, though, you might not stay for just one drink ;-)

Cheap menus
I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I went to Dede and didn’t order from their special kebab menus. I mean, it’s hard to resist. Not only because it’s tasty, but also because of the prices. It’s sometimes cheaper (and time-saving) to eat here than to cook a dish myself. Seriously.

Doner or durum kebab menus cost between €6,90 and €8,90, a drink and a portion of fries are included.
They offer a tapa menu too for €2,-, this includes 4 little pieces of börek (pasty rolls filled with Turkish cheese and parsley) and a drink. To check the entire menu, click here

May ready to attack her durum kebab

Our favorites
We usually go for the Menú Dürüm Kebap con Queso, because we love cheese!
A durum is a wrap made from wheat, a doner is a piece of Turkish pitta bread, that’s the only difference, the rest of the ingredients are the same.
We’re big fans of Dede’s yoghurt sauce, which they use in many of their dishes, including their kebabs.
More of our favorites are: börek, falafel con queso (if you’re a vegetarian, this is a great alternative for the kebab dishes), humus, patlican dolma (stuffed eggplant with yoghurt sauce) and tarta anadolu (chocolate cake).

Free advice

  • They have another small restaurant close to the Ruzafa market, the menu is a bit limited, but do check it out: http://dedeturkishkebap.com/
  • Have you ever tried Turkish beer? Order a glass of Efes Pilsen.
  • They offer delivery services too, you can find them on Glovo, Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats.
  • Want to be surrounded by beautiful trees and romantic candle light? Go sit outside on their big terrace. 

Location & openings hours
Carrer de Sueca 24
Click here to view the opening hours

Contact details
: http://dedeturkishrestaurant.com/
Restaurante Turco Dede

I’m not the first one to say it, but: why have abs if you can have kebabs ;-) 

Un abrazo,


Oct 6, 2021
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