ome of my friends wanted to catch up in a random bar, at least, that’s what I thought. Little did I know I was gonna end up in one of the best bodegas in Valencia. 

Real, traditional, local experience
If there’s one thing I’ve learned over and over again in Spain, it’s this: never judge a book by its cover. Some restaurants and bars might not look very appealing, but it’s always worth taking a peek/checking it out. Why? Well, these places sometimes have the best food in town and the biggest plus is: the prices are usually low.
Besides that, isn’t it fun to have the real, traditional, local experience? There’s something about the authenticity of these places, it’s as if time stood still. The most important things are: good food and having quality time with good company. I love it!
When you find a traditional bar or restaurant, you know you’re gonna taste the love for food that Spaniards have.

What is a bodega?
So, there I was at Bodega Fila el Labrador, surrounded by big wine barrels, eating cheap, excellent tapas with good company. Yeah, I totally felt like a local.
One of my friends explained that this place is one of the best bodegas in Valencia. I guess I didn’t get the memo, how was it possible that I only discovered it now after 3,5 years? Well, I’m glad I did!
I had no idea what the word bodega meant. As it turns out, it can mean several things: a winery, wine cellar, a bar, and in many cases: a wine cellar and a bar.
Bodega Fila el Labrador is a wine cellar and a bar. It’s quite unique, as most bodegas are usually located in the countryside. Two birds in one stone, yay!

Traditional tapas and local wine
These little labradors are specialists in wine and tapas like jamón (ham), cured, dry sausages, salt-cured meat and fish, a variety of cheeses, and conservas. There’s no literal translation for the last one, so let me explain a little. A conserva is fresh seafood preserved in a liquid. The canning process transforms it into something special, you have to try it out!
Another thing that can’t be missed out on while having a traditional tapas experience, is the freshly sliced jamón. Have you ever seen those big hams? They’ll slice it into little pieces, right on the spot. It’s so delicious!

As you would expect from a bodega, they have a huge selection of local wine too. If you want to try something else, ask for their Valencian cider!

Free advice

  • They don’t really speak English, so in case you’re lost in translation, use the app: Spanishdict, works wonders for me! 
  • There’s no menu, so just up your Spanish game and ask what they have to offer or let them surprise you ;-)  
  • It’s not possible to make a reservation, so go a bit before Spanish mealtimes in case you want to claim a good spot before it gets crowded. 
  • There are little outside terraces on both sides of the bodega, for those of you who enjoy fresh, Valencian air.

Location & opening hours

Address: Carrer del Dr. Manuel Candela 58

Click here to view the opening hours

Contact details

Facebook: Bodega Fila ‘El Labrador’

Sounds food, eh, good right? ;-)

Un abrazo,


Oct 1, 2021
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